Thursday, January 3, 2013

I've moved to a new blog. It is simply called J.M.A. Jacki Marie Artist. Come see me.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Just after that last post the sun came up. So I was where I wanted to be on my birthday. On the beach watching the sunrise. There's so much to tell and I don't have a lot of time so I'm going to let you see for yourself...

Friday, September 14, 2012

Rain, Rain...

I'm not going to let the rain stop me from celebrating!

After a little while the rain stopped so I took a walk on the beach. It wasn't hot and sunny, but still beautiful! 

So far this morning, it's raining again... so... no sunrise on the beach this morning. I'm going back to bed and going to the beach later. The way I see it, it's still a win/win situation. :) 

Happy GOLDEN Birthday to me!

So... it's my birthday again. As always, I spend the days and weeks before reflecting on the previous year. Three years ago I spent time writing a post defining 47 lessons learned I've learned and added an addendum to that post last year. This year I'm going to do something a little different, I guess. This year, I'm writing this in advance because, today, I'm Living my life like it's GOLDEN on the beach in Florida.


No fancy party for me. What I really wanted was to feel the sand between my toes on a beach when the sun comes up on my birthday... so that's where I am... with family and friends by my side.

A year ago today, I never imagined that I would be where I am today. I don't just mean that in the literal sense either... which is on the beach with my sand between my toes. :)

  • I officially filed for divorce this summer. 
  • My both of my boys are living with their dad. I was expecting to be a single mom, but I'm an empty nester-- prematurely. 
  • I spend most of my non-working hours alone. This took some getting used to after all the years of being a mom with many kids and their friends around all the time. And then even when the 5 were in school, I had my dog shadowing me. I'm adjusting and learning not to let alone stop me from doing what I want to do... including going to a restaurant or the movies.. maybe even Karaoke, huh??  It's actually quite liberating, kwim? 
  • I'm working 45-50 hours a week managing a retail store. (yes, this is a new job since the last post) 
  • I rarely do anything creative that isn't work related. (I get to do beading from time to time at work.)  Now, THIS is one thing I am working to change. ASAP! 

Instead of lamenting over the changes (I did for a moment) I'm choosing to celebrate my new opportunities. You know me, I may get knocked down, but I don't stay down long. I miss my boys terribly, but celebrate the fact that they had the opportunity to make choices for themselves. I'm proud of the women my three girls have become, but, I miss them as well. I'm enjoying the the freedom that being alone has brought me. I'm going to spend some time identifying my dreams, maybe even dream some new ones, and pursuing them this year. Yes... it's my time.

Card Size: approx. 5"x7"
Stamp: Words Stampin' Up
Various card stock, vellum, glitter, glue pen
Coloring Medium: Prismacolor Pencils 

I made this card last month and this is probably the only card I've made ALL YEAR.  I love this image by Mo's Digital Pencil because this is exactly how I see myself... crown and all! Except maybe not the boots... I would probably have purple converses. 

And now because I always like to share something that might be beneficial to someone I will share two things that I've learned as a result of working the two jobs I've had this year and one more from being alive on this planet... 

  • First: Take out your wallet and look through it. If it was lost what will they see? I'll wait while you check.... They have your driver's license, or ID, credit cards, health insurance card, various store rewards cards, picture of your cat or dog or kids or grand kids, everything but a phone number or email address to contact you!!!  Fix that now! Part of my job was managing the Lost and Found for several months. There are a lot of good people out there who would return your stuff to you, if they knew how to get in touch with you! 
  • Second: CLEAN your watch! Take it off. Turn on the light. Put your glasses on. Turn it over and look at it. 'Nuf said. 
  • Bonus: This one is for the ladies... Go to a reputable store that sells lingerie. Get a bra fitting expert to measure you. I did and learned that I was WAY OFF! Simply life changing. Believe me. Do it sooner than later. :) 

I'd like to leave you with a word of encouragement... Don't let fear dictate your steps. Take chances. Make mistakes. Learn from them. Experience is the best teacher. Go get it! 

As always, I'm choosing JOY today and everyday but today's word is GOLDEN! ~ Jacki