Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy 49th New Year to Me!

I put a lot of thought into a post I did 2 years ago for my birthday. I spent a lot of time reflecting on some key life lessons and came up with a list of 47 lessons which I posted on my birthday in 2009

 Consider this post an addendum to that post. Life lesson 48 and 49. Number 48 was an eye opener last year. I'm constantly learning... It's a good thing. 

  • I don't have forgiveness issues. I don't have trust issues. If I don't trust someone, it was because I was betrayed. We often mistake forgiveness and trust. I should forgive quickly. It's for my own good. Trust, however takes time to rebuild.
  • It's not always what you say or do but how you make people feel. How they feel has to do with their perception of what you say or do, based on their experiences. What is the key? Get to know the recipient and tailor the message.

So Happy Birthday to me. :) I'm determined not to spend the whole day on the computer this year. 


Taylor U. said...

Wow - I love these lessons! Everyone should take them to heart.

Happy birthday, sweet lady!

Brown English Muffin said...

I need to take note of the last one...I always live by honesty is the best policy so sometimes I'm brutally honest not really taking into consideration how someone might feel, just assuming "Why Sugarcoat it, let it come out as it may"

Brown English Muffin said...

oppps Happy Birthday!! LOL

Monica Hunter said...

Happy Birthday Jacki!!

Dot said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I really like your 49th add-on!! The 48th is very true!!