Thursday, July 1, 2010

Anybody Wanna Pray With Me?

It's about time to update our prayer list.  If you submitted a prayer request last time, pop in and update us.

Please add your request in the comment section.  Please comment to encourage those if you are a prayer warrior.
P.S. If you read this thru a reader or thru a feed or on Facebook, please come to the blog itself to leave comments so that we can keep everything in one place.   Click here --->  Anybody Wanna Pray With Me?


Krissy said...

I humbly ask for prayers for my sweet Aunt LuAnn. She has been diagnosed with viremia, which as I understand is a virus that gets into your bloodstream and effects your entire body. She's been pretty sick for almost a month now, low-grade fevers, nausea, no energy. Please pray that this virus will leave her body and her strength and appetite will be renewed.

Thanks in advance for your faithful prayers! Love to all!


emarci said...

Please pray for my friend Michelle, whose baby had surgery and is in intensive care. Also, in thanksgiving for my friend Sue, who has been cancer free for two years. Please pray for my family as well. Thank you all. <3

Jacki Marie said...

Pray for me... and my family during this relocation process. The house needs to sell quickly, and we need to find something on the other end and quickly settle in.