Sunday, June 24, 2007

And the winner is....

Good Sunday Night! It's time to announce the winner of my contest. Although my original intent was to celebrate with the people who regularly read my blog, I see I've developed some new friends, and that's fine too. Thanks to all of you for playing along and finding the answers to my questions.

Meet my random number generator.

He did not know why he was choosing a number, but he chose "8". The 8th eligible commenter also got the bonus question correct. I'm excited to say that the winner is someone I've known for a few years. We met on the Biblical Impressions bulletin board. She is also one of the few people who regularly reads this blog that I've actually met in person! She is....

dini said...
Blessings on your move to GA...that castle in the basement...and since no one else seems to know...have fun playing with your stamps from Biblical Impressions and the Stamping Studio! purple!*wink*Dina
June 19, 2007 6:03:00 PM EDT

ETA: for some real inspiration go to Dina's stamping blog, or her family blog. She is a missionary in Indonesia. You think I'm busy, I didn't craft as much when I had small children at home. I don't know how she does it.

More Prizes:
I've also decided to send something to each of the remaining 4 people who also got my bonus question correct. They are Jayne Stenstrom, Cheryl KVD, Cathy, and Trish. LMK if you don't get an email from me by Monday.

I'll post pictures of what I'm going to send tomorrow. We celebrated Father's day today because the father wasn't here last weekend.

FYI: I'm going to leave you with the correct answers, and links to the post where I talked about them.

  1. Which state am I moving to? Georgia
  2. On which level of my new home will my craft room, The Card Castle, be located? the basement
  3. Who makes or designs my current favorite paper? Heidi Grace
  4. Name at least one of the two companies I have designed stamps for? **this was the bonus question** Biblical Impressions and The Stamping Studio. I don't know if I ever mentioned in this blog that I designed stamps for Biblical Impressions, but I did talk about The Stamping Studio in this post. Several of you thought Blessings Rubber Stamps was one of the companies. Technically, that's incorrect. It isn't a company... yet. It is my line of rubber stamps that I have been working on and I will be producing in the very near future.
  5. What is my favorite color? Let's see, purple is the correct answer. Everyone got this one right. I'm so surprised??? I thought for sure that would be a question that would stump everybody. (wink)

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Flossie's Follies said...

That is the cutest Random Number Generator that I have ever seen.