Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Person Of the Month!

ETA: Just when I thought it was over, I received another card today! See bottom of the post.

Person of the Month is a bright idea Dot started on the Message Forum on at The Stamping Studio. Once a month a group member is randomly chosen and I was the one everybody sent cards to for April. There are some very talented and mucho published ladies there. I am honored that they would allow me to be a part of their group. The work the design team does is impressive. Melissa Baldwin is the owner and genius behind the Stamping Studio. She has an original line of stamps by several artists. I am proud to say I designed a few stamps for her a while back. She sells many other supplies along with her stamps. I just ordered more paper yesterday. So with out further ado, here are the cards I received.

Michele LePere

Dot Alcorn

Stephanie Loomis

Rita Ann Plummer

Melissa Baldwin

Suzanne Milan

Dina Pagli-Gerner

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