Sunday, June 24, 2007

150 Posts!! Time for Blog Candy!

CONTEST CLOSED and the winner is chosen.
I'll be back in a little while with that post.

Many many thanks to those who encourage me thru comments and emails. I love making cards and I'm really grateful and honored that you appreciate my work enough to keep coming back.

Over the past few months as I've organized my stuff I'm found many things I purchased too much of . I will never be able to use it all in my lifetime. I even found a duplicate stamp. The fact that I only found one is exceptional.

OK, so here's the deal...

  • In honor of my successful ( thinking positively in advance) move, I am going to give away Priority Flat Rate Box of goodies to include ribbon, stamps, paper, cards,dimensional stickers( like Jolee's) embellishments. I'll send some things I've collected and will never use all of. I'll try to send stuff that I don't see readily available anymore. I'll add a photo when I get it together.

  • If you are a regular reader of this blog, there are a few things you may remember reading. Unless you just look at the pretty pictures like I do when I'm in a hurry.
    Answer at least two of the questions below in a comment to this post,only. One of the answers is obviously a freebie.
  • *** One question is a secret bonus question. If you get that one right, if you are chosen, there is a special prize in addition to the rest.

  • I will randomly choose one person from the correct answers on Sunday June 24th at 3:00 pm. Please make sure you leave me a way to email you for your mailing address.

  1. Which state am I moving to?

  2. On which level of my new home will my craft room, The Card Castle, be located?

  3. Who makes or designs my current favorite paper?

  4. Name at least one of the two companies I have designed stamps for?

  5. What is my favorite color?


Cindy H. said...

Thanks for the chance to win some blog candy! Here are my answers:

Which state am I moving to?

On which level of my new home will my craft room, The Card Castle, be located? *Basement*

Who makes or designs my current favorite paper? *Heidi Grace*

Name at least one of the two companies I have designed stamps for? *Blessings Rubber Stamps*

What is my favorite color? *Purple*

Cindy H. said...

Sorry about all the space I took up with the answers :( I also forgot to leave an e-mail. Here's mine:

Flossie's Follies said...

I am a regular reader of your blog and love all your wonderful cards, but must admit I do sometimes just skim, so I don't know the answers to all the questions, could just cheat and copy Cindy H (yes says the little devil on my left shoulder) but that is OK, I like you have stuff that I will never use so good luck Cindy.

Joyfulheartart said...

Flossie two answers is all you need to qualify.

imchatty (Denise) said...

1) Georgia 2) 2nd floor 3)American Crafts 4)no clue 5)purple

Andrea Hays said...

You are moving to Georgia and your favorite color is purple. Purple is a great color!

I am so excited about your giveaway! Thanks for the chance!

My email address is in the "About" section of my webpage. Thanks.

KayellWY said...

I just found your blog via a link from "Stampin' When I Can" and I actually did some research to find the answers to your questions. I didn't find all of them, but I did see that you're moving to Georgia and that you plan to set up Card Castle in the basement. I didn't see where you actually said what your favorite color is, but from the cards I saw, I would guess purple. :) I wish you well with your move.


Anonymous said...

Gees, I tried to find the answers myself but some were a little tuff!!

1. Moving to Georgia

2. Card Castle will be in the basement w/no closet!!

3. Basic Grey is your favorite paper (between BG and Heidi Grace, but I chose BG its my fav.)

4. You designs for Blessing Rubber Stamps. I searched and searched and could only find you had a publication in The Rubber Stamper but I could not find a second stamp company you design for.

5. Favorite color has to be PURPLE the best color in the universe!!

I hope my research paid off. I am not so sure about #3.

Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot to leave my email too.

jodene said...

Thanks for sharing with all of us everyday. You are moving to Georgia. Your craft you will be in the basement. I am going to guess SU makes your favorite cardstock. (You use it all the time) Afraid to admit I'm not sure who you design for(looking forward to finding out) and your favorite color is Purple(mine too)

jodene said...

OOps my e-mail is

scfranson said...

Wonderful blog !
Georgia, the basement, ?Heidi Grace,
Blessings and American Crafts, and purple.
Claudia F.

dini said...

Blessings on your move to GA...that castle in the basement...and since no one else seems to know...have fun playing with your stamps from Biblical Impressions and the Stamping Studio! purple!


Lilian said...

i love your cards!! even though i am a new reader, i can already tell that ur favorite color is purple... and apparently, u are moving to GA. =)

lisa said...

Hey, great giveaway... here are my answers... favorite color is purple (hence the purple blog page) and you are moving to Georgia. My e-mail is

Donna B. said...

favorite color is purple (like me) and you're moving to Georgia. I have a link to my email from my profile *wink*

sandie994 said...

I think Georgia, Basement, Heidi Grace and purple. I don't envy your move, but sometimes think it would be a good way to clean out, organize, etc. Love your blog, It is one of the first ones I go to (after GW)

Kathy W said...

Hi Jacki, thanks for the offer of blog candy! My answers: 1) Georgia, 2)basement--large room but no closet, 3)Heidi Grace, 4)blessings rubber stamps, 5)purple!!

Also, I love the paint chip card. I gathered paint chips and ran some through my CB, but I like how you created the background design with them. Thanks for sharing.

Kathy W said...

Sorry, forgot my email:

dd2njoy said...

Shame on me...I'm one of those that look at the pretty cards,so I too don't know the answers. That's ok if i'm not in the draw,I still love to look at your cards.TFS!!

KardKrazy said...

Jacki, your favorite color is purple and your favorite paper is Heidi Grace. I think you are moving to Georgia, and from the picture I'd say you're in the basement:)

Melanie aka Batgirl said...

Georgia and Purple :)

I have been to Georgia once :) it was so beautiful!

Jan Scholl said...

I am not gonna answer because I need to get rid of stuff too, so I dont need to win stuff. Have fun with your giveaway!

Cathy said...

Love your blog! You are very creative and talented. Love your outlook in life and you amaze me with all you do. How sweet to share some of your fun stuff with your readers. Count me in for the mystery candy. A true stamper doesn't care what it is, they just know it will be fun once the get it! Ok is are my answers:

1 Moving to Georgia

2 Card Castle is the basement large room not closet

3 Favorite paper: Heidi Grace and Basic Grey

4 Design Teams:
Rubber Stamper
Stamping Studio

5 Favorite Color:
PURPLE! Mine too.

Thanks for a chance and God Bless You.

Angel said...

You are moving to Georgia (I just moved here's very pretty ...and hot). You're going to be in the basement of your new home. Your current favorite paper is either Heidi Grace or Basic Grey, I couldn't find the design company, but I am pretty sure you like purple! Email me and have a safe move.

Mary-Ellen said...

You are moving to the one and only state of GEORGIA!!!!! I can't wait to have you close to home!!!

Having two babies I don't know the answers to all the questions but I know your favorite color is PURPLE!!


JoAnn said...

Congrats on your blog success. Your work is beautiful! I'm usually a blog-skimmer, so I didn't know the answers, but it wasn't too hard to find that you're moving to Georgia, you'll be stamping in your basement, and your favorite color is purple. It took a little longer to find that you've designed stamps for Blessings Rubber Stamps, and I'll guess that your favorite paper is Heidi Grace. (email is in my profile)

Trish D said...

Let's see - moving to Georgia, will be stamping up a storm in the basement, you *love* the purple & green papers from Heidi Grace (but haven't been able to find them all!), have designed for Biblical Impressions, and your favorite color is orange :) OK, maybe it's actually purple...

Signing off, your stalker

CAKVD said...

Hello! Here is what I came up with:
Georgia, Basement, Heidi Grace, Biblical Impressions, Purple. Thanks for the fun challenge!

Cheryl KVD

Pat S. said...

Hi! Thanks for the chance to win your blog candy!

This was a great idea for your has been fun getting to know you.

You are moving to GA, where your craft room will be in the basement, and your favorite color is purple.

You can contact me at

Linda SS said...

Congrats on your successful blog and reaching 150 posts:) You are moving to Georgia; Your fav color is purple; and your castle in in the basement. (and my goodness to you have a WONDERFUL collection of stamps from your photo!!! Wish I lived in Georgia so I could invite myself over to play with you:) Thank you for offering blog candy.

Jayne Stenstrom said...

Okay, here are my answers (I just love the challenge of a "quiz" and couldn't pass up the opportunity to see how many I get right!) I couldn't remember #4 for certain, which is really driving me nuts because I KNOW I have that information in my brain - I just can't access it! (A "computer" malfunction, perhaps?) Anyway...
1. Georgia (this time).
2. The basement (which isn't a bad place to be, especially if that's where your creative supplies are!).
3. Heidi Grace paper.
4. Biblical Impressions?
5. Purple!! (Are you going to paint your new kitchen purple to go with your dishes?)
~Jayne Stenstrom

Pattyjo said...

1. You are moving from Michigan to Georgia.
2. The level of the Card Castle will be in the basement (w/o closets)
3. Your favorite design paper is Heidi Grace.
4. design for Blessings Rubber Stamps and I think Paper Works which is now Gift Maker.
5. Your favorite color was orange until you turned 13 then it was purple. Right?
I don't know if we are suppose to leave our email or not.
This has been fun.

Pat S. said...

Hi! Thanks for the chance to win your blog candy!

You are moving to GA, where your craft room will be in the basement, and your favorite color is purple.

Also...thanks for that neat tutorial on punch coloring...I'll have to try that :)

You can contact me at

Denise said...

#2 Card Castle is in the basement

#3 Heidi Grace is your favorite paper.

#5 Purple...The best color ever!

Elaine said...

Hi Jacki,
I hope you have a moment to send me your mailing address so that I can send you off a proper thank you!!! I won blog candy one other time from you - and could not remember how to get to you again! So now that I found ya, I am going to hope you read this!!

Your favorite color - hmmmm...could it be purple?!

And I believe you are moving to Georgia...I sort of cheated and read that answer on someone else's reply! LOL However, I have some time now and am going to read through what I missed over the last month!! :)
hugs and good luck with your move!! I remember that you have beautiful kids and you were a cute kid yourself in (I think) some Easter Pictures that you posted!

Joyfulheartart said...

Elaine, I don't have an email address for you.

Anonymous said...

I hope that they have stamp stores in Georgia so that you can fill up the basement with lots of purple Heidi Grace papers. I just want to thank you for sharing your art and creativity. Lots of luck on your move and God bless. Anne

doverdi said...

Here are my answers:
1. moving to Georgia 2. Card Castle will be moved to the basement without a closet 3. Fiskars/Heidi Grace makes or designs your current favorite paper (mine too!) 4. Blessings Rubber Stamps you design for and 5. favorite color is Purple (mine too!)Hope your move goes smoothly!
Thanks for the chance to win some awesome blog candy! doverdi at yahoo dot com

Pat S. said...

Hi! Thanks for the chance to win your blog candy! This is a fun contest:)

You are moving to GA, where your craft room will be in the basement, and your favorite color is purple.

You can contact me at