Friday, January 25, 2008

Bulletin Board update and something really cool

Here is what I did with that Bulletin board (in the Teacher's Lounge) after I took all the Christmas stuff. I haven't even made a card with these Gina K set* I just had to have before Christmas. Instead I used this image to make a "framed picture" for over the mantle.
I'm going to add some Valentine's Day stuff to either side next week...hopefully on Monday. I'll let that stay a few weeks and then change it to Spring. I probably won't add anything after that... until back to school for next August.

A quick note about Gina K stamps. This was my first order and I'm happy to report that she really does not only give excellent service but m&m's too. I owe her a note of Thanks. I also had a wonderful experience with Paper Trey back in December. I didn't purchase any of her stamps, but accesories. I'm afraid to start a clear stamps collection. I'm holding off, but when I do start buying clear stamps, I'll turn to Paper Trey. That business is very similar to what I was trying to do when I started my Joyful Heart Art. (stamps and supplies, printed and personalized cards and stationery) I didn't have help or support or time.
Anyone on my list of businesses on this blog, has given me excellent service. Along those lines, I'm on a quest to take time to recognize great customer service.

Speaking of customer service... I decided to make it a point to let businesses know when they give me service that is above and beyond what I expected. I don't have to tell you that there is a lot of "OK" service out there and some bad customer service. Once in a while you run into superb service. I wrote a letter to the manager at my local Wal-mart because of a cashier who was superb. I hesitated sending it because for a moment the whole idea seemed kinda dorky. Then again, I decided that if she had been horrible, I would have complained or at least wanted to complain. Well, that cashier called me today to thank me for the sending that letter to her boss. She told me that she's received certificates and awards from Wal-mart before but this letter ( I didn't even make a card, y'all) meant more to her than all of those! The fact that I took the time to write the letter and send it to her boss "meant the world to her". My eye's were misty... The lesson learned? When you get an urge (prompting from the Spirit of God??) to say something nice about or to someone, do it. It may seem like not a big deal to you, but I may mean the world to them. That's my public service announcement for today!

ETA: Sorry, brain fart... This was not my first order with Gina K. I ordered the Austism set last year.


beth said...

hey, wanna do my next bulletin board for my hall? haha :)

Su Davis said...

Thanks for the encouragement re. the thanks.
I am such a procrastinator, I think of things and then never do it - so next time, I'll think of you (and the Lord of course) and do it!

Kathy W said...

Love the bulletin board and am delighted to see others give encouragement to those who provide excellent customer service. I swore that I would never cross to the "clear side", but I got a couple sets of PaperTrey stamps, and they are wonderful. Especially sentiments; the placement is so easy. I needed a branch for an owl that I had already stamped, and a PaperTrey stamp worked perfectly.

Juanita B said...

Jacki, this is beautiful. You pay such attention to details! I love the way this looks. TFS.