Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day Reflections

I bought this stamp to make a card for my dad three years ago. Unfortunately, before I could make the card that year, he passed away in May. I haven't been able to bring myself to use this stamp for anyone else since then, because it reminded me of my dad. Over the last few weeks I've been really missing my dad a lot. I guess this is the first year since he died that I've been able to have time to reflect around this time of year. His birthday is also in June so the first year we were still grieving when his birthday and Father's day came around. The following year, my first daughter, Jannelle, graduated from high school in June. We were soooo busy getting ready for her celebration. Later that same month, I was heavily involved in my niece's wedding. ( I made invitations, programs, jewelry etc...) There was no time to think two consecutive thoughts. Last year, there was another graduation and subsequent celebration for Jillana-- and then we moved.
I guess this year, because we don't have big BIG things going on, I had more time to think.

OK, moving on to why I bought this stamp( Eureka Stamps/Biblical Impressions) for him. One of the things I loved about him was his fascination with technology. All my life I remember him buying gadgets. When cassette tapes players hit the scene in the '70's, you'd better believe we had one when they first came out. The same goes for the VCR, CD player, fax machine etc... Everybody has these things now, but he was always cutting edge. He retired early ( in his 50's) because of a health condition that mimicked arthritis. He was a musician who could no longer play his keyboard because of the condition of his hands. When he discovered a computer program that would allow him to write music again, he spent hours on the computer arranging and writing music. He sent me emails and forwards and links --all the time! Because of his limited mobility in the end, he spent a lot of time online-- connecting with family and friends and purchasing supplies, as a matter of necessity, not just convenience like I do. Soooo, that's why this stamp reminded me of him.
This is a picture of him holding me when I was close to 2 years old.

Our Father's Day celebration here yesterday was a lot of fun. My husband was really pumped this year. He had done some major cute hinting (--like I did with the Cricut last Christmas), so he was really excited when he received exactly what he asked for.

The picture is so dark because we opened gifts last night after Jannelle came home from work because he wanted all his babies to be present. You can see the card I made for him back in February on the table beside him.
Julie made him his favorite coconut cake.

It was a special day.


Ann said...

What a wonderful tribute to your dad!

You have a wonderful blog --I read it most days.

Michelle Adams said...

What a precious photo of you and your Dad! He sounds like he was a very special man indeed. The card you made for your husband was PERFECT! I am sure he was thrilled! Thanks for sharing!

Sarosa said...


I lost my dad the year before you did, so I understand completely. Grief is a funny thing ... it's not something that starts at a certain level then gradually wanes, instead it cycles, and not in regular rhythm.

He sounds like a special man. Glad you had him through your growing up years, and all your children will have memories of him...

Babydoll said...

Cute card and I wish I had a piece of that cake!! LOL!! Found you on another blogger's site. Hope you don't mind me dropping by.

Dawn Bibbs said...

What a sweet post and a wonderful tribute to two of the men that you love :-). NOW, more than yesterday, I feel that you letting me see the card for your dad in person, was quite a special honor. Thanks for sharing.