Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Finally Uploaded my RAKs

I added them to my gallery yesterday. Click here to see them all. Notice the purples and tulips, but all the cards are beautiful and contained sweet messages. Thank you sooooo much to all who took the time to remember and encourage me during the time after my surgery. Thanks to all who prayed for me also. All the love and beauty(and admonishments, wink) helped me to recover quickly.
Each one of these cards brought a smile to my face when I opened them. This one made me chuckle and I want this stamp! Purple, and attitude???

This card was made by Vicki ( Jambalaya on GW).
Talk about being organized. A few of my friends even sent cards ahead of the surgery to comfort me as I prepared.
I really do apologize for taking so long to upload these. Thank you, thank you everybody!!!

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