Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Card Castle Re-

model? Re-duction? Re-fresh?  Whatever you want to call it, I'm purging. Big time. I have too much stuff that I don't have time to use.  (yes, this is related to moving, thank you!)  I have no idea where The Card Castle will be located this time next year, so now I'm motivated to do something about all this stuff. I've been threatening to do something with it for a while now, but time is of the essence. To get some perspective about where I am and what I'm talking about, here are some photos of The Card Castle...  Today, I'm going through the paper. I have too much paper. I bought a lot of it in packs or blocks of paper.  They are full of variety of styles and colors, usually. Some of the patterns I didn't like then, and I don't like now.  It's not my "style"so it's outta here. And then there is all the paper that was my style at the time, but that I've outgrown. My tastes have changed. So with that being said,  my oldest son and I are packing up flat rate boxes full of stuff.  Today it's the paper,  tomorrow(hopefully) we will do the same with the stamps...  After we go through the embellishments, I'm going to sell or give away the boxes full of stuff.

Another thing, and not totally unrelated,  I would like to work on  is my autobiographical scrapbook. I started it years ago and didn't do much beyond gather pictures.  I think I need to finish it--especially in light of the persuasive essay for my final grade in my composition class.  It was called "Scrapbooking Me." It received an A. :) YEAH!  Although,  I can create a card in as little as 6 inches of workspace,  I need to have a clean table or better yet a clean room in order to scrapbook.  This gives me something to look forward to after I finish purging.

Speaking of purging, I almost bought a couple of new stamps the other day when I was at Archivers... but be proud of me, I didn't.  I have to get through this mess before I can think about getting anything new.  ahem... except for the Glaze gel pens that arrived in the mail today.  I NEEDED them. No really??!!  This was a need, not a want. :) Did you know that gel pens dry up? Yeah, that was a big investment down the toilet. I wanted to do some pen stitching on one of the cards I was making for this order I have and reached for one of these pens and it didn't work.  I've only had them for 5 years.  The nerve of them not to work. In case you don't know what I'm talking about Glaze are gel pens that leave a raised glossy line once it's dry.  My favorite for pen stitching.

Back to the great basement clean out! Be blessed!

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D and A said...

Hey, Save some of the stuff that you do not want in a Bolivia mission trip box and bring it down when you come. Lots of stampers here and several of teh girl's homes stamp to earn money for the homes. You can come teach classes to them and missionaries.

Amy :)