Thursday, July 1, 2010

Golf Happy Birthday

It always amazes me how much a small effort can make a big difference in card making.  First of all, this card is deliberately simple.  Uncomplicated. Non-girly.  I wasn't sure if it was done until I took a picture and once it saw it on the computer screen.
Stamps: Message (Hero Arts), Chipper(Stampington
At first I looked through my gel pens for something green. -- By the way-- Gel pens stop working if you let them sit for years. Did you know that? Yeah, big investment, in the trash.
The white opaque pen was my second choice, and it turned out very good. The gel pen discovery, or lack of working gel pens prompted me to look  online for Glaze pens.  I found them on Monday, and they arrived today. Now that I've rediscovered the Glaze pen, I'll be using it more often-- so look for more pen stitching. :) I love the raised shiny look they give to my fake stitching. The only problem is, they don't come in brown.
Sakura Glaze Pens, 10/Pkg
Sakura Glaze Pens, 10/Pkg

What I did end up using was a Signo Uniball White opaque pen (this link is to show you what I have. I didn't buy it from this company).

My saying for today is...
"Sometimes it takes all day, to do nothing."  I had such high hopes for today. :) I guess I needed to give my mind a break.

Blog note: I don't know why I started blogging on the other blog again.  It always makes me feel schizophrenic.  I'm going to try Blogger's new Pages feature. If that works, I can separate my "moving" posts, from my "non-moving" posts and stay on one blog. Maybe. We can only hope. Speaking of hope...

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when dreams come true, there is life and joy. Proverbs 13:12

And one of my favorite Babbie Mason songs-Hope has a name. "When you're too weak to fight, just remember, Hope has a name."  It's a really encouraging song.
Right Where You Are  

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