Monday, March 22, 2010

17 Candles...

Remember when I made this card for Hero Arts?  If you do, then you'll recognize this card below as a copy or at least a variation.  --different papers and stamps ( except for the cupcake and candles),cupcakes in a different position--  but the same design.  I know you know my favorite color is purple and normally my favorite color scheme is purple and whatever else you want to put with it. Right?? I'll bet you didn't know I have a thing for orange and blue.  I'm not sure what it is, and I almost feel like I'm cheating on my precious purple by saying that.  LOL  Anyway, I made several cards like this last week, but this one is my favorite.

How I did it...

I used two note cards (aka A2 or 5 1/2 x 4 1/4) .  The ones I used this time are white inside and colored on the outside.  I glued the together with the open sides facing.  Using a paper trimmer, I trimmed a wedge from the front side of each card. On this one, I stamped each front and used patterned paper inside.  For the cupcakes themselves I stamped the candles first on card stock in groups of 4. Then to create the mask, I stamped 4 candles on post it notes on the sticky end.  The post it notes were cut out and placed over the images already stamped on the card stock so that when the cupcake is stamped over them, the candles appear to be on the cupcake.  For  pictures of these individual steps, click on this tutorial. Masking 101.  Oh and for the cupcake "papers" I just stamped the cupcakes on patterned paper and cut out that part and glued it on top of the original ones I stamped.

I hope the birthday girl got a kick out of this card, because I sure had fun making it. I'll be back next time with the gift card holder that looks like a purse.

Be blessed! Choosing JOY, Jacki : )

P.S. Sorry about the not so great photos. I had the birthdate wrong by a month.  By the time I realized my mistake, I had to stay up late just to finish it so that it could be mailed that next morning. There was no time to wait for the perfect sunny day.  Although it was strange that I was working early... I am really proud of myself that it arrived in time for the birthday. You know that is a problem for me : )

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