Monday, March 29, 2010

Paper Wallets (Gift Card Holder)

Hello! It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood! I hope the weather is good where you are.  A good sunny day can jump start a good mood, don't you agree? I just have two of my Paper Wallets to show today.  I actually haven't made one of these in at least two years, since I stopped teaching at Michaels. Basically, there are little purses made from various "papers" that I've found at the scrapbook store. 
While these two "purses" didn't follow my normal pattern, they were made the same way.  I will add the specifics of either of these if anyone is interested. 

For detailed step by step instructions on the Paper Wallets click here.  This link takes you to the projects pages on Gingerwood.  If you are not already a part of this awesome community of rubber stampers click here to register and join.

On a Personal Note: I'll be back Wednesday with more stuff to show you. 
I just got back into town from a 5 day (4 days driving) trip to Philadelphia for the Homegoing Celebration of my dear Aunt Elaine.  Tomorrow, I'm going for a MRI (prayers please).  The doctor wants to see if I have a brain. (LOL) Seriously, this is another step in trying to figure out my headache/migraine issues.  I'm making some more diet changes (cutting out  red meat and chocolate for a while) trying to figure out my triggers for this migraine thingy. I'm also getting back to the serious exercise routine. My daughter says I've had a relapse.  LOL Man, it's so easy to get knocked off your routine.  Remember several weeks ago when I had the flu, and then the flurry of Dr's appointments that followed...  Anyway, it's time to jumpstart a new beginning and a new determination. Anybody else fall off the "New Years Resolution" bandwagon and needing encouragement?  Email me and we'll commiserate and encourage each other. 

A believer in new beginnings, I'll jump right in with two feet raring to go... tomorrow. ;) Who's with me?? 

"...for though a righteous man falls seven times, he rises again..." Proverbs 24:16

Watch and be inspired by Donnie McClurkin's We Fall Down video.


stampmiser said...

Ah, I remember your wallets! :) I will certainly pray for your MRI & the hopes that they find a brain. lol! Hope they can figure out your migraines - that's no fun. I, too, need to re-start a fitness plan & I'm fixin' to start an eating plan, too. I'm reading about it and plan to start after our Spring Break trip. Happy Easter to you!

Sarosa said...

Love these, especially the tag one! April is spoken for, buy maybe in May I can play with some of these!

Did they find a brain? ;-)

Beverley said...

Love these fav is the one made from tags...awesome job...thanks for sharing...have a stampin' good day.

stampin' hugz

Jacki Marie said...

I like the tags too. In the original design, school pictures were glued to the tags and each child wrote on the back of their tag. The first one on this post was specifically designed to hold gift cards.

Jacki Marie said...

and Sarah, the technician wouldn't tell me anything. So, I don't know if they found a brain or not. I did lay perfectly still w/o a problem. A mom of 5 who has been on the go for the last 20+ years... being still wasn't a chore, it was a vacation! Short, but at least for 15 minutes I enjoyed the break... LOL