Monday, November 2, 2009


I cleaned off my desk last night and guess what? I found this card! I made a while ago. I'm not really sure how long it's been. It's amazing the treasures I find on my desk when I'm cleaning up. : )

This image is one of the cling images from Hero Arts. I stamped on white card stock and then colored it with colored pencils. Now I just have to find someone to send it to.... hmmmm (LOL as if I'm actually going to mail it) Ok, there's a challenge to myself. I'll let you know when I mail it. I have to get busy with a couple of family birthday cards. Again I'm laughing to myself, because I just found a my mom's birthday card from last year! I really need a personal assistant. (sigh, and a maid and a chauffeur )

I'm almost finished working on editing that video I told you I'd do last week. I should have known better than to state it aloud on the blog. LIFE got in the way big time last week. BUT, I had a very productive week, considering. I did some clothes shopping for the boys without the boys and guess right. I didn't even have to take anything back. The Other Boy is growing bigger all around. He's up 10 sizes since we moved back to GA. In case you don't remember, we've only been here 2 years and a couple of months. He's 11 and comes up to my eyeballs which makes him about 5' 2" or so ... yes, Staci, he's taller than you. :) The Boy is as tall as me and maybe a tiny bit taller, maybe-- which would make him roughly 5'5". Ok, I feel short just thinking about it. It won't be long at all, that I am the shortest in my immediate family. Not long at all...

And on that depressing note, I'll go and do something else productive that doesn't require me to stand next to any of these kids!

OOOH, and I just thought of who I need to send this card to!
Have a blessed evening!!! Choosing Joy!! Jacki


stampmiser said...

Breathtaking card.
What? Taller than me!! Well, my eldest is almost that tall...just a few inches away & she wears the same shoe size as me now - in 5th grade!!! At least my youngest is still littler than me (for now).

Brown English Muffin said...

are we feeding the kids something different than our parents did!!! LOL

Chris Pierson said...

Great card! I have that stamp, but haven't used it yet! I will dig it out tonight! As far as the sounds like you're about as tall as I am & my 15 year old (& his older brother for that matter) has been patting me on top of the head for years! They think it's hilarious!