Thursday, February 26, 2009

Comments Moderation enabled

I just happened to be sitting here at the computer editing photos for my coloring tutorial and I suddenly received 4 emails within a few seconds letting me know that I have comments on my blog. Of course that didn't seem unusual to me because I get thousands of comments each day, not! I appreciate every comment I get, except for the ones that are just trying to divert nice people to some crappy site. So, to keep the spam filled comments away from my Card Castle friends, I had to change the settings so that I would have to moderate the comments. Before I could turn away from the blogger, I got three more spam comments. So now I have comment moderation activated as well as the jumbled word thingy (that I hate because it's torture for us dyslexic people!)
I'm sorry to make it harder for you to comment, but I can't sit here and monitor the blog all day. I feel like I'm on the computer all day anyway, but a girl's gotta sleep at least a couple hours a night! :)

Back to editing pictures! Yeah!


SewDelish said...

I had the same thing happen recently and discovered it was form the name I gave to the post and card. I won't mention here otherwise they would find you too. I didn't think at the time it could be interpreted as something else! LOL

You have some lovely cards, especially like your coloured ones.

nise said...

I'm stickin' with ya, whatever hoops I gotta jump thru! I'm also with you on that distracted driving stuff. I think I yell 2 or 3 times a day "GET OFF THE PHONE & DRIVE". Your coloring on linen is WONDERFUL! I, too, love the smooth look, but that image and your skills make it perfect. Happy Weekend!

Linda Crowder said...

I always wondered what this would look like. Thanks for sharing with us newbies. It is aggravating to type in that stuff as it is hard for us blinder folks to make out the numbers and letters as most are distorted but since there are some that actually spell something, it is easier. But I look at it this way, you do what you have to and so will I in order to see your beautiful cards. thanks for what you do!

Dawn Bibbs said...

Hey, sometimes you've gotta do what you've gotta do. I got a TERRIBLE comment a few months back. Just some random person that I'd never heard of before and haven't heard from since. The language they used was AWFUL. So I hear ya, sometimes we've gotta be screened, lol.