Friday, February 27, 2009

Artistic Borders (more simple note cards)

This time, I used the other big flower from the same set(Artistic Borders) to create another single-layered-somewhat-simple note cards on linen card stock.

Is this simple enough? All I used was linen card stock to make the card base (5 1/2 x 4 1/4), a brown ink to stamp the images, color pencils, and a little Stipples glitter. This card inspired me to do a tutorial although I used smooth card stock for the tutorial. I added a couple more pictures below in another color scheme.

We are getting a lot of rain today. I'm not complaining because it could be snow. I, unlike some of my crazy friends, do not like snow. I don't like being cold. I don't like driving in it. I don't like so watch other people drive in it. I tolerated it when I had to, but it's not my preference. To my crazy friends (and you know who you are because you are buried in the white stuff right now from a big snow storm yesterday), I hope you are having a blast. Send pictures-- because that's as close as I want to be to the snow. Did I say that out loud?Oh shoot, you know what that means don't you? It means my hubby is going to come home tonight and tell me that we are moving to a snowy place!!?? ARGH!! Just kidding... I hope! :/


And now... here is a preview of my color pencil tutorial and class. The card above was so much fun to color I just had to share it step by step. The samples are made and the pictures are taken and edited. I'm working on the detailed instructions now. Of course it always takes longer than I think it will going in. My daughter is coming home for spring break today and she's going to help me make a video which I will add to the post as soon as its done. In other words I won't hold up the pictures and instructions for the video.

I'm also hoping to use this when I teach classes. It's probably be part of the hand out that I create for my classes. Which brings me to the next step... I need a name for my coloring classes. I'm not clever, but I want a clever title. If you think of something that I end up using, I'll send you something. If I love it, I'll come up with a lot of somethings. OK? Put your thinking caps on. Help me out. Please?? :)

A stamped floral image ( look for an open floral with at least three layers)
Color pencils: 3 blue-greens (or 3 shades from any one color family), 2 greens, and 2 yellows/browns

I'm using :
Artistic Borders
Versafine Onyx Black
Prismacolor Pencils: PC942 Yellow Ochre, PC941 Light Umber, PC992 Light Aqua, PC902 Aquamarine, PC 1027 Peacock Blue, PC 1005 Limepeel, PC911 Olive Green
Ranger's Diamond Stickles Glitter Glue


stampmiser said...

How about "Shades of Genius"??
or "Coloring College from the Castle"? or just "Coloring College" or "Color Me Creative" or "How 2 Color with Jacki Jones" or "Colorama: Pencils"..which can be a series..."Colorama: Alcohol markers"..."Colorama: inks" or the word 'Colorize', instead of 'Colorama'?

jacki jones said...

I kinda like Colorama... Shades of Genius.. LOL I'm not a genius. That's you Staci. The funny thing is I had an idea yesterday and by the time I got to the computer a couple of hours later I'd forgotten it.

Laurie in MN said...

Thank you for listing the prismacolor pencils so I can start a list of favorite color combinations. I like the cards.

herbertherbert said...

Well, I am about to go to bed and will probably think of better ones when I'm there! Here's a few....
'Have Pencils, will color'
'Radian Rainbows'
'J.J's Coloring'
'Just Jacki and Pencils'
and a silly one to end.....
'Keeping up with the Jones''

Kimberly said...

Hi jacki! I love all your beautiful flower cards, feels like spring looking at your blog :) I cant wait to see video from you, I wish I was close enough to take an in person class. I will take what I can get though, LOL
Have a wonderful week!