Thursday, February 26, 2009

Artistic Borders (coloring on texture)

Good morning, Sunshine! How's that for optimism on a cloudy day!
I'm still waiting for the sunshine to appear so that I can take the pictures for my coloring tutorial. It looks like the cloud cover might disperse in time for me to take pictures this afternoon for the tutorial. While I work on that, I thought I would give you a quick tip.

I was in need of a few simple note cards and stamped(Artistic Borders again) directly on the linen textured cards. Normally I choose smooth card stock for coloring, but I wanted to see what this would be like. I really like this look.

I used a very light touch to color because I didn't want to damage the texture. To darken or shade, I went over the area several times.

In the close up you can see the texture. This is the same card before I added Liquid Pearls and chunky glitter to the centers. I'll probably add a bow to the stems made of some pretty ribbon(with a glue dot) before I send it out.

This is an example of thinking out of the box. Color on something other than smooth white paper. Try it if you haven't done it before.


LuLu said...

Ooohhh, I do like this idea and how great your cards look. I wish I could do "less is more". I start with good intentions . . . .

stampmiser said...

Jacki, [ping] you have a comment! You have a comment from some crazy spammer named "Staci M" about how cool she thinks these flowers look and how you can color on anything and make it beautiful. Please enable this comment and have an "efulpar" day! [that's my word verification word!] :)

jacki jones said...

Wow, Staci... If I knew you'd be this funny, I would have done the jumbled word thingy a long time ago. :)