Friday, October 17, 2008

Tulips and Friends

I'm going to show you the card first because I have a lot of talking to do to make up for not blogging for a whole week.

The tulip image on this card is the same one I showed you the other day, (well that was last week wasn't it?), on this card. This time I drew in the stems instead of trying to stamp them. I like this look better. I also didn't include any leaves. The leaves I used last time weren't tulip leaves but I tried to make them work. This looks better to me. My intention was to color the flowers and paint the background, but that didn't work out so well. I wasn't satisfied with the first set of tulips that I had stamped on the card stock so I turned it over and stamped on this side not realizing that by wetting the paper with the paint, the stamped images on the back would show thru. So I had to cut out the flowers and stems. I used this background paper with a similar look that I was going for with the paint.

Stamps: A Year of Flowers (GinaK)
Love Flourish (Hero Arts), True Friends (Stampabilities)
Ink: Mauve Mist(SU), Walnut Stain Distress Ink(Ranger)

Paper: Mauve Mist Cardstock(SU),Brown print(Making Memories), Blue Print (Provo Craft)
Other: Color Pencils, Ribbon

There are so many reasons why I haven't blogged in a few days. ... here's the condensed version.
  • Michael and I sang at a Banquet on Saturday night, so there was the preparation for that. I would compare my singing since I got my voice back to a former runner who only runs once a year. We need to do something about that.
  • We went downtown to the CNN building on Sunday afternoon for dinner, sat in traffic. ...hmmm next time we'll figure out what time the Falcon's game is going to get out before we leave.
  • Monday and Tuesday the kids were home from school. They had Columbus day and then a teacher work day, so I was doing the mom thang running people here and there.
  • On Wednesday it felt like Monday since the kids finally went back to school. I did some work for Hero Arts and then spent the entire day hunting the internet for facts about the presidential candidates or talking on the phone to people about the election. In between all that, I went all the way to the local doctor's office to have my blood drawn and they didn't have the paper work from the dermatologist's office. I was told that I might have to wait an hour or so or it might be better if I come back tomorrow. It didn't happen on Thursday either.
  • Thursday was another busy day. I managed to make or finish that card in the morning. I took pictures and got ready to blog about it. I usually help out at the Other Boy's school on Thursday for an hour or two so my plan was to blog when I returned home. At the school, I made copies and laminated and as soon as I got in the car to leave his school, I got an urgent call from my husband that there was an emergency at The Boy's school. I didn't hear my phone while I was in the building so they called him at work. Thank goodness the schools are right next to each other. Since my car was blocked by all the school busses, I walked (almost ran) over to his school to find him sitting in the office with a cut over his eye, just under the eyebrow. So we headed over to the Emergency room where they gave him 4 stitches. We returned home just in time to leave again for The other Boy's basketball evaluations. When I got home from that I thought about blogging again until I realized that it was Thursday and it was 9:00pm. I only have two shows that I watch on any evening on a regular basis and Grey's Anatomy is one. (I'm not sure I like a couple of the story lines this year.)
  • But anyway, that brings us to today, Friday morning... and I'm exhausted! I was supposed to join my husband at an elementary school for a time of reading to the kids and it's all I can do to sit at this computer today. I still have to go to Atlanta to have my blood drawn at my dermatologists office. They are monitoring my white cell counts and I think they are checking my liver too to make sure this medicine is helping and not hurting. NO migraines this week. I've had headaches, but not bad.

So there you have it. I'm going to avoid talking about the elections for one day. My brain is hurting. I have something to say and I'm trying to figure out the best way to do that. But not today... I'll warn you if I decide to blog about it. OK?

ETA: I wanted to add a little tidbit. My son's stitches is a first for us as a family. 21 years of parenting and 5 kids and this is the first set of stitches, can you believe that? This kid has never even had a cavity filled so when I told him they would numb him so that it wouldn't hurt when they put the stitches in he gave me a "does not compute"look. He handled it like the tough guy he is. The worse part of all this for him is that he can't play in PE today.(??) They are learning football and today is the last day to play football before they go on to another sport. Personally, I'm glad it's the last day, because my neighbor's kid broke his jaw a couple of weeks ago. They are not tackling each other but just like my boy, he and another kid were going for the ball at the same time when they collided.


Dot said...

Sorry to hear about the stitches! That is such a drag when you're a kid because you have to miss out on things for alittle bit! Glad it wasn't anything worse though!

The card is absolutely beautiful!! I love tulips! Too bad they only grow once a year.

Have a great day!

Melanie said...

These tuliups are gorgeous in the Mauve. I love how you arranged them(and glad you had to cut them lOL it looks terfic!) Yes,s oemtimes, it is easier to handdraw your own stenm then use the stamp for a grouping like this, you did a GREAT job! Sorry to hear about the stitches, my boys have never had any (or broken bones, yet!)but I know it could be any time the way they play (I had my lip ripped open by a dog when I was 18 months old so I hear about THAT from my mom all the time!)
Have a great weekend! :)

Monica said...

The tulip card is gorgeous! Amazing that you could come up with something so pretty during such a hectic week. My kids were out of school the first two days of the week as well, and I've been recuperating from it ever since. (I don't know HOW I handled it during the summer.) You're lucky this is the first set of stitches, and hope The Boy will heal up soon! :)

Kasey said...

Your cars are always so beautiful. I haven't been able to work on my card making for a year now and I miss it so much when I see the beautiful job you do

Cindy H. said...

Whew, just reading all that you did, I'm tired for you!

I love the card! Beautiful coloring and your stems look perfect!

Glad you DS is okay. May he never have to have them again!

Trish D said...

Wow, you've been a busy lady! Glad that your son is OK, and glad that the headache situation is better this week, too.

The card is gorgeous!

Kimberly said...

I agree, I really like this card Jacki!! The tulips look beautiful and the ribbon is a sweet touch.
Ahh boys! Sorry that the boy had to get stiches and that he will miss his chance at football. Since I have 3 I expected lots of these hospital runs but I have to say we have been blessed. Marcus (he is 9 now) had my only stiches case so far. He fell at school and it was BAD. I mean I could hardly look at what they were doing and it took 2 drs. a nurse and myself to hold him down for those shots. The worst part was that the med really didnt kick in until afterwards and then I could not get him into the van to get home. (the orderly they sent to help was NO help at all) Anyway, he has also been doing the football thing-full tackle and believe me I worry a lot that he will get hurt but he has benefited so much from team sports and I have that to be thankful for.
I hope you rest up this weekend! :)

marciad said...

Card is gorgeous. Can I have half the energy you have?

KardKrazy said...

What an absolutely gorgeous card, Jacki! Pink is MY favorite color, so it just caught my attention rigit away.

seamom said...

Whew! Glad you're back! I have missed you.
Lovely card, and you used that word stamp which has become one of my favorites. You've been blessed by escaping stitched kids for so long. I have lots of stories about my 5 as they grew up. Now it's the grandkids.....

Sarosa said...

Drop-dead-gorgeous card, Jacki! I think, although I know what a pain it must have been, that the cut out tulips really made the card the perfect one that it is!

Wow, what an adventurous week you had! Glad the injury wasn't worse.

Staci M. said...

Wow! That's a lot going on at your house! Tell M sorry about his stitches! Funny that that was the first time. We've had no stitches or broken bones here, but we well under 1/2 of the children than you do!
Hope your Dr. stuff gets figured out better this week!
Your card is very beautiful!

Su Davis said...

Hi Jacki - just checking in for a very quick look to see what you are up to and see some fab cards as always - so sorry to hear about your son - so scarey when there is blood, and having to have stitches. I do hope he is feeling ok now and the cut is healing well.
Your schedule makes mine look like a holiday and I never get anything done! Hope yoou get chance to rest a little this week.