Friday, October 10, 2008

Special Birthday Roses

This is the rose(GinaK) I told you about the other day. I love the way it was drawn.

I have an aunt and a Mother in Law who like roses and have October birthdays.... I'm trying to get a head start, but you know I won't mail it in time anyway.... it's sad... Oooh, I hope my aunt doesn't see this. I don't think she checks on a regular basis. Any way, I don't know if you can tell by the pictures, but the leaves* are stamped directly on the beige layer. To get the leaves in position, I actually stamped in the roses without worrying about masking because I was going to cover them up. I stamped two roses and two leaves on a separate piece of paper and colored them in.
The top rose is glued directly on top of that layer, the lower one is popped out with really thin pop dots.
*ETA, all the leaves except the two that hang over the edges of the square were stamped directly on the beige layer.

I scored a new Martha Stewart punch today and used that here too. The paper is Scarlet's Letter from Basic Grey.
OK, I just had a revelation. Instead of waiting until closer to the birth date and probably risk forgetting to mail it in time or not at all, we are going to sign this and mail it tomorrow. She'll get it early and... oh no! I hope I don't give anyone a heart attack or anything from the shock. LOL.
I was going to add another card made with the same rose and paper, but blogger isn't letting me add anymore pictures so I'll save that one for another day.
On a Personal Note:
Thanks for all your concern about my migraine. It's finally better as of late Friday afternoon. I think it was the chocolate I allowed myself to have. To be specific, I had Pepperidge Farm Milk Chocolate Milanos. I'm going to decide that they cured the headache, so I'll have a good excuse to eat them again next time.
Have a blessed weekend, send someone a card or something.... do as I say, not as I do!
Seriously, I actually went to the post office today with a handful of cards... better late than never! Choosing Joy! Jacki


KardKrazy said...

Jacki, this is a beautiful, beautiful card. Your coloring skills are amazing. Love the BG paper your backed it with.

Michelle Adams said...

This is really stunning, Jacki...Thanks for sharing it!

leenda said...


Trena in Naperville said...

I'm the same way Jacki with cards! I've gotten better with getting them made before the event, but can't seem to get them in the mail box days BEFORE the person's birthday... What is up with that? :o) This is a lovely card! I bought this stamp set too and have lots of visions...I have to get them on paper/CS. :o)

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!!

nise said...

OOOHHH! This rose is beautiful! Glad you're feeling better and that chocolate "cured" you. I have this amazing customer and a few years back he shared his "secret" with me - - it was chocolate hidden in the bottom drawer of his desk! Think he's looking at #93 in February!! I actually had a productive weekend - - got cards made for my Mom and sister to send. And it's like 80 degrees in the mitten - - if only we could spread those degrees out a bit...

Julie Koerber said...

Your coloring on this card is absolutely beautiful!!! I stopped by to say thank you!!! I got your fabulous card in the mail today-- how heartwarming! Your note was so sweet and thoughtful! BIG HUGS!

The Rubber Maid said...

Hi Jackie, have not stopped by in awhile but had to leave a note on your gorgeous card. It is elegant and should be greatly appreciated.Hope all is well with you. Pat ( Julie's Mom)

Laurie in MN said...

You made a beautiful card. I own a couple rose stamps and recently bought a Thomas Kincade series stamp that says,
"Wishing you a birthday
perfect as a rose."

It was purchased in White Bear Lake, MN at The Gathering. This week end is a free Make and Take. Or, if you would like, I am willing to stamp the words on whatever SU paper you would like and mail it to you. Consider it a thank you for the enjoyment I get from your blog.

Kimberly said...

Hi Jacki,

Hope everything is okay with you this week!!

Melanie said...

Chocolate to cure the migraine? Well, whatever it takes, praoise the lord! (Chocolate is my list of migraine triggers, which is why I think I have them SO FREQUENTLY!)

Your roses turned out beautiful, love how they go outside the mat, and that paper with it is extra yummy! great punch, I love my threading water, but this is fancier!!

Beverly A said...

This card is gorgeous, simply gorgeous!