Sunday, October 26, 2008

Thinking of You With Thanksgiving

A Thanksgiving card... You must think I'm organized and planning ahead. I'm going to let you keep on thinking that. LOL. Seriously, I was inspired by this one when I was looking through my collection of colored images. I thought it was time to go ahead and do something with it.

I'm not really sure what all those buttons are doing. I'm thinking I might even take this apart and redo this card. Or maybe not.
I only blended the colors with the pencils themselves if I remember correctly. This is a really fun image to color. I made a card with this image last year that has become one of my all time favorites with it last year. I submitted it for publication... and it wasn't chosen. So I'll use it to decorate during the thanksgiving holiday, unless my friends send me cards... and that's not a hint... OK, I guess it is. LOL.

Stamps by Eureka Stamps.

(Outside) When I think of all the incredible blessings God has given me...
(inside) I think of you with thanksgiving.

My big project this week is to get rid of the 300+ cards I have sitting around this house. I'm in the process of categorizing and identifying them. Most of them are already pictured in my gallery, but I need to makes sure I've identified the ones in the gallery that are still here in my possession. I've been meaning to and planning to do this project for a couple of years. This week, I'm determined. OK, I said it out loud. You know what that means right?

The cards are sorted in these drawers by theme.

The contents of the "Any Occasion" drawer.

Most of these cards were made in the last few months or at least the last year. They aren't filed for one reason or another.
Oh, one last thing. I took the kids to see High School Musical on Saturday. I was totally planning to take a $10 nap. The only reason I was planning to stay was because it wouldn't have been worth the trip back home in time or gas. I was pleasantly surprised! Although I feel like I know HSM 1 and 2, I don't think I've ever seen either of them all the way thru in one sitting. I mean they are good, but they definitely didn't hold my attention. It's obvious that they put a lot more money and effort into HSM3. The music is wonderful, the dances are fabulous. It was awesome. OK, I've told you something embarrassing, it's your turn to tell me something. :) I hope you are enjoying your life this weekend. I am! Happy Birthday Debbie and Susan!


Anonymous said...

OK here's my comment - it is 2:23 on Sunday afternoon. Football started at 10 this AM and I'm still in my jammies. The joy of being retired!!

jacki jones said...

No fair Anonymous! It's not embarrassing if you dont' tell us who you are! LOL

Deb said...

Well...I DID get dressed today...Here's my latest embarassing movie--
Beverly Hill's Chihuahua!! Don't ask why:) Deb

seamom said...

I love it, Deb! My fear is always that someone might come to the door and I will heve to answer it - way past a reasonable time to be dressed - in my nightie! Now THAT is embarassing!
Jacki, I really like the card! The buttons look like dinner rolls of different kinds..cute!

Staci M. said...

I showered and got dressed at 2:25 today, but that's not unusual for me. I was cleaning my house for my Stamp Club and it was THAT dirty that it took all of yesterday and until 2:25 today to get it done (and that's just the downstairs!)

A Stroke Above said...

I know what you could do if you got tired of organizing all those cards, put some in blog candy. I don't have any cards sitting around and would love even a packet of 5 of yours to treasure! I have made about 12 since I began in ernest this month and since I have moved twice, it just keeps getting put off. I have to settle down and get to work or I'll never pull it off now that I have finally gotten enough supplies to finally make a few more! This is fun but not easy on social security! I am determined though. Just a thought! I wish you well on your project, but still enjoy your naptime! Linda Crowder