Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's my Blogiversary!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Sometimes, it a subtle improvements that make a big difference. Simply adding the brown frame around the word window makes the difference for me. Here is another example of a small amount of effort with a big impact. I stamped the words inside the card and it looked a little plain to me. So I inked up the corn stamp and stamped of the ink once on scrap paper. This 'second generation' stamping, gave me just the right amount of color. Don't you think for the effort, the corn stamp makes a big improvement?

I colored this basket of veggies and leaves (all stamps by Eureka Stamps) yesterday at my appointments. I started assembling the card this morning.

This vertical version to the right is my first draft. I didn't like it a whole lot, so I removed the basket and started over. Actually, once I looked at the picture blown up on the monitor, I liked it a whole lot better. I'll guess I'll have to color another basket and reassemble this card. LOL!

It's my Blogiversary!
I started blogging 2 years ago today on Yahoo 360 with a list of things I was thankful for. So in keeping with that tradition, here is what I'm thankful for today, November 20, 2007. To keep it organized, I'm using the theme from the Yolanda Adams Morning Show... Faith, Family, Friends and Fun.

Faith: I'm thankful for God's faithfulness. Even or especially when I don't trust Him, and come running back after I've messed up, God always accepts me and loves me. God taught me this year, that I am in control of almost nothing, except my reactions to the circumstances that come my way. He reminded me that relationships/people are most important. He also reminded me that I was never meant to live this life without Him. I often hear the phrase,"God won't give you more than you can bear". After this year, I'll have to disagree with that. I think people are misquoting the verse that refers to temptations. I know that there were a couple of times this year, when I tried to handle things myself, it was too much for me to bear. When I was overwhelmed, I needed to give my burdens to Him. That's when He reminded me--again-- that He created me to live this life with Him.

Family: I'm thankful for family. Because my niece goes to college here in Atlanta, I've gotten to know her better. My grandmother, one of my biggest role models turned 96 this year. I'm grateful that she is still a part of my life. My daughter will be home tonight for Thanksgiving! We haven't seen her since August. My other daughter is home also. There is no school this week, so I get to 'enjoy' my family all week.

Friends: My most favoritest family in the whole world will arrive tonight also! I had a hard time deciding which category to put them in, because they are more like family than friends. New Friends: I have new neighbors who are becoming friends.

Here are two reasons I enjoy going to the bus stop everyday. They moved into this neighborhood a few days before we did. Our conversation frequently turns spiritual and she's been a source of Godly wisdom for me several times. She also prays for me and my family. He is a ball of energy and very loving and sweet all at the same time. He loves Mrs. Jacki....

I'm meeting people at Michaels. I met Dawn online and met up with her here. I also connected with a couple of other scrappers and stampers here.

God is good. Let's not forget about my Old Friends. (I don't like that term, old friends, but that's all I can come up with right now). I've been very blessed to have crossed paths with some of the most wonderful people on this planet. I've had to call on some of those friends recently. I benefit from their areas of expertise and their warmth and generosity. I also met up with my best friend from high school since I've been here in Atlanta. She moved to ATL over 25 years ago.

Fun: Making cards is still fun for me. I'm determined to keep it that way. This blog is a new thing since last year. I'm thankful that it has not become another chore for me because I've not taken this too seriously. It's something that I get a lot of enjoyment from. I would do it even if no one read it, but I'm thankful for your interest in what I'm doing and saying. I am blessed to have met so many new 'friends' thru it. I'm thankful for your encouraging comments and emails. I genuinely enjoy this blog and the people who I've met thru it. Again, thanks for your encouragement. If you've been hanging out here for a while, please let me know that you're here. I would love to get to know you.

And now for the celebration. For lack of a better way to do it, I'm going to ask you to comment on this post for a chance to win some goodies. I mentioned a few things about blogging that I'm thankful for.... All you have to do is leave a comment with why you are thankful for your blog, this blog, or blogs in general. --or post a link to your "Thankfulness" post on your blog. Your comment must include your email address or a way to contact you. If your name is chosen, you must respond with your mailing information within one week or the prize will go to another person.

I'll get my random number generator to choose a couple of random numbers on Sunday, November 25, 2007. I'll post the winners first thing Monday morning. The first responder of the two will get to choose which prize they receive.

Prize ONE:

  • Our Christmas CD (my husband and I recorded a CD single a few years ago)

  • Choice of ~ Card Kits (blank cards, paper, and embellishments) OR ~finished cards made by me. Because I know of a couple of non-card makers who regularly read here, they may prefer the finished product.

  • a brand new pack of Prismacolor pencils in honor of all the work I did comparing color pencils over the last few weeks.

Prize Two:

  • Our Christmas CD

  • Card Kits OR finished cards made by me

  • a key chain/zipper pull featuring the baby Jesus stamp made from my drawing by Biblical Impressions.

If you read this far, you deserve a prize, just for your perseverance. (smile) I will send one of our CDs to the first ten people who comment on this post and say" thanks for the free CD".

I'll take a picture of the card kits as soon as I get thru Thankgiving. I haven't gathered all the stuff into one place yet. I promise you, it'll be great stuff.


Michelle Adams said...

Thanks for the free CD! ;-) I love your blog so much...I am here checkin' in (at least) once a day. I don't have a blog myself, but spend a little time every morning with my laptop browsing blogs for inspiration before my stamping time. I am grateful for each one of them! Thanks for the chance to win some blog candy!
Michelle Adams

Jan Scholl said...

wow-thanks for the free cd-why is there only one person ahead of me?

I like blogs because its way cheaper than the magazine subscriptions to see beautiful artwork and I dont have to kill a tree to see it. AND a heck of a lot more personable than the schlocky interviews offered by magazines too. And it helps me pass the time when hubby is snoring so badly, the walls are vibrating and I cant sleep.

JenMarie said...

WOW ~ Thanks for the free CD!!!
I just LOVE Christmas music!!!!
I just found your blog today. I am thankful for stamping blogs because of the amazing inspiration!!

scfranson said...

You have a wonderful blog ! I'm thankful for blogs because they give me so much inspiration and it's a great way to make new friends.
Claudia scfranson@charter.net

Kathy W said...

Jacki, thanks for the free CD! I'll email you with a little story about me and Christmas music...I am very thankful for your blog, all the other stamping blogs I have found, and the Gingerwood Board. I have expanded my papercrafting abilities a million fold (no overstatement here) because of the time you take to share your talent and art. Also, I have found cyber friends through these places to help me through physical challenges and relocation. I am overwhelmed by the kindness of stampers and scrapbookers. My son comes here tomorrow; enjoy a blessed Thanksgiving holiday surrounded by those you love and cherish.

Flossie's Follies said...

congratulations on your Anniversary, wow 2 years. Isn't life wonderful, family, friends, what more could one want. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your wonderful family

Dawn Bibbs said...

Hey lady. Hadn't talked to you in a while. Hope you're doing well.

What a great post. I love Thanksgiving. Personally, I think EVERYDAY should be a day of giving thanks. And I truly hope I do that. Obviously, I'm not aware of it :-).

I absolutely love blogs and blogging. Not sure what I did prior to starting mine a little over 2 years ago. It's so refreshing for me to "get stuff out" so to speak. And just share what's going on in our lives with the family and friends we don't speak with everyday. I have truly "met" some wonderful people in blogland. Friendships I wouldn't have had otherwise. I guess I've adapted blogging as another hobby.

I am also thankful for my family, my friends, my health, the health of my family & friends and for God's continued faithfulness and mercy.

Have a great Thanksgiving, my friend. And I look forward to meeting up for lunch again.

Deb Singleton said...

Wow, where do I begin to list what, who, and why I'm thankful?? I have a blog in baby stage and really can't get my act together to do more with it. I am always inspired by reading your blog, Jacki, and it is always the first one I check and by far my favorite. I love your coloring and I love how you share your faith. I also love how you share your struggles (it's a regular "love fest" isn't it?) I look to your blog and others for ideas and inspiration. I really don't have a stamping community here so you all are it! I admire how someone who is so busy can find the time to stamp and post about it! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving and thanks for the chance to win something. Deb Singleton

Ida Faye said...

Thanks for the free CD! I just found your blog through the "Stampin' When I can" site. I will add it to my favorites!! I do not have a blog site but I am thankful for bloggers such as yourself who provide such inspiration. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jacki,
"Thanks for the free cd!"
I am a 'lurker' here frequently, I enjoy how down to earth you are, along with your sense of humor and your creativity! I think it will be so fun to hear you SING on a cd, to actually hear your voice!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Top of my list, is I'll be thankful for my hubby's safe homecoming (tonight!) from his latest business trip.
Melody (from GW)

Deb Singleton said...

Oooh! I didn't realize you were sending a free c.d. to the first 10 people to post! Yeah! I made it before and didn't even know it:) so now I just need to say Thank you! Love, Deb S.

Cathy said...

Happy Blogiversary! Wow what sweet candy you are sharing. Oh no I missed the famous CD! That's ok. I don't have a blog...I call myself a blog surfer. I love blogs for samples of cards, altered items, techniques and just a little bit of this and that. It amazes me how you bloggers have time for family, reality, stamping, and keeping up with your blogs.
Thanks for a chance.

Lilian said...

happy blogversary! :)

i am thankful for the blogs i browse daily not only for the incredible creativity out there, but also to read their stories and musings and getting to know ppl all over the country.

thanks for the chance to win!

Linda said...

I am so thankful for all of the blogs that I have discovered. They have so many great ideas, hilarious stories, wonderful pictures, etc. I feel like we are all one big family.
Thanks so much.
Linda Peterson

SmilynStef said...

Huge congrats on the blog-i-versary. I love how blogs have helped me feel connected to so many other creative people around the globe. Even though most of my creating happens when I'm alone in my studio ... I never feel alone.
SmilynStef at aol dot com

Peggy Maier said...

Gee, I missed the CD too! Anyhow, thanks for a chance to win! Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Staci M. said...

Well, I'll comment even without the goodies, but I would LOVE to win that prize pack! I already have the CD, but would love another copy. Might give it as a gift to someone who appreciates good music.
UM...why I'm thankful for blogs? If there is ever a few minutes of "nothing much happening" and no new emails in the in-box, I can always go blog hopping and there is SO MUCH incredible, FREE information out there! I wish I had time to look at them all every day - I'm sure I miss a lot. There are a few special ones that I make sure I keep up with at least once a week, though. ;)

Tejal said...

That is a fabulous give-away. Congratulations on your blog-anniversary. even with space and distances separating us, the hobbies we share bring us together and from each and every part of the world..just like this post comes to you from India.
Fabulous inspiration, tons of friends, and a way to share our life. Thats' why I like blogs.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the free CD!
I only read this 7 times ahead of my comment, it seems some people missed typing it in.

I am very grateful to the time, devotion, and creativity to share with other stampers/scrappers/bloggers. I find so much inspiration and many ideas, especially loving tutorials. I don't get to see much, so I get to see all the neat new stamps, companies, papers, embellishments, on all the blogs, and I just love seeing new things! Thank you.
Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours. bluemoonbynite@yahoo.com

Jan W said...

thanks for the free CD...oh well. I love your blog and all the news of your family and job etc. It is like family. Blogs do inspire me and give great ideas.
Jan W

seamom said...

Dear Jackie.
Thank you sooo much for the free cd. But thank you even more for your blog. So much here to be thankful for... You - your transparency, hope even in the tough times, your talent that fuels my own, sharing your day-to-day journey, and your authentic faith. The ART - sharing product and technique information. The LINKS - where I have discovered a huge community of fellow stampers who also share their talent.
I have wondered how you find time in the same 24 hours I have to do all that you do! Today's post tells that this blog is not a chore but a joy. It is that for this reader as well.

Rosella said...

Happy Blogaversary! The reason I am thankful for blogs:
1.- Great inspiration
2.- Make great frienships/relationships

Gina Wrona said...


I'm thankful Allison had your blog on the list for candy!

Seriously, I am thankful for my family, friends, health and waking up each day after day until I go home to heaven.

Sorry, but I don't have a blog to list a link to yours otherwise I would.

lsims said...
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Nise on GW said...

No blog for me, but I stop by here regularly for a bit of purple inspiration. I'm very fond of KardKrazy Louise, too. I'm not all that interested in blog candy, but I sure would like that CD. If you can sing half as good as you can stamp, it's gotta be awesome! Hope you and your family, especially Jillana, have a blessed holiday. Nise who occassionally looks at her mail at whimsicalhatbox@yahoo.com

Julie Koerber said...

Happy Blogiversary!
I'm thankful for pretty much the same things you are - faith, family and friends in exactly that order. Thanks to you too for being chatty with us all on the web. What a fun community we all belong to huh???
Take care,

Faith in Tennessee said...

I enjoy blogs for inspiration. I don't read many (I've heard of some people who look at a hundred or more blogs!), but this one and Mrs. C's from Gingerwood are my top two. I like them both for the inspiration they provide...inspiration for cards and for life in general!
Faith in Tennessee