Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Micah's Christmas card

Micah came over today to get my help in designing her Christmas cards. She fell in love with this GinaK stamp so we designed a card around it. She wants to make 20 of the same card, so we had to some up with something that is easily duplicated. Here she is holding the sample card.

Her homework is to buy the paper she wants to use and to color her images. Couldn't I have given her paper? That's what I asked myself anyway. Believe it or not, but I hardly have any Christmas paper, and what I have is ugly. I think she is going to be looking for something pink so that she can put both of the children in this image in pink snowsuits. She's a mom of 2 beautiful little girls.
We'll get together again soon and finish them up. Now if I could just get started on my own Christmas cards...

Stamps: Got Snow? (GinaK), Merry Christmas (Darcie's)

Well, lunchtime is over. I'm still not used to eating alone when everybody is at school. I have to bring my food to the computer and have lunch with you. Now I have to go.
I've got lots of work to catch up on...
Have a wonderful day and blessed day.


Kathy W said...

Beautiful card! I have too much Christmas paper, but I like the choices of creating holiday cards in different colors (your friends pink theme is very soft, pretty, and a nice chance from traditional colors), and want the paper available (as in hoarding).
TFS, and have a wonderful Wednesday!

seamom said...

What a cute card! Gina K does offer some great images.
Jackie, my desk, too, is more often than not... my lunch table. Now I'm excited to know I'm not eating alone!