Friday, October 31, 2008

Blog Candy Alert!

I don't pay a lot of attention to that counter on my blog, but recently I realized that it's getting close to having all 8's which is my favorite number. Silly I know, but I've decided to do blog candy. If you see 88,888 when you click on my page send me a picture of the screen and your name and U.S. address* and I'll send you two Basic Grey paper packs (Periphery and Obscure) and a 24 pack of Koh-I-Noor color pencils. I don't know how long it will take to get to that number, but I'm going to leave this post at the top, until that happens. I'm also going to move the counter to the top.

As much as I hate to restrict this to US addresses only, I'm too broke to pay overseas shipping. I'm sorry... These items should fit in a flat rate priority envelope.

I can't wait to see all 8s!

Edited to add: if you see 88,088, or 88,808 email me those too. If I don't get a winner with 88,888, I might still be able to get rid of this stuff. ;)

And another edit: I've been thinking about how I could include overseas readers and with the comment by Linda Crowder, I think I will. I'll do a gift certificate, or some cards or something if you don't have a U.S address. Still thinking. Does anyone know what the shipping to Canada is like?


Staci M. said...

I'll have to click on your blog multiple times a day until it says 88,888 :) How fun!

jacki jones said...

Ok, it does sound dumb now that I think about it... It's going to take a couple of weeks at this rate anyway...

A Stroke Above said...

I have a link for you to talk with a lady in CN who won't mind answering the question about mail fees for you. If you would like her email addy, please email me at as I can't get your link to email you to open. I have had so much fun checking your site several times a day, trying my best to catch that marker at 88,888. This is fun! Boy, doesn't take much for me, huh? Linda Crowder

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the shipping to Canada is a lot like here in the States, except for the whole traversing through the wilderness (in Canada) on a pack of trained Moose with a mail pack. ;-)