Thursday, September 25, 2008

What a week!

I'm a little bit lonely today. My friends are all gone home. Boo Hoo

I was blessed to enjoy the company of two of my friends this week, starting on Sunday. I spent a little over 24 hours with Vernesa. Sarah joined us on Monday. We shopped at Archivers and Hobby Lobby before returning to my house and then to the airport to take Vernesa on Monday evening. Tuesday and Wednesday, Sarah and I hung out at my house. She helped me reorganize the Card Castle --the Room. I made her pay in long hours of labor looking thru all my cardmaking stuff in exchange for my vast knowledge of all things color pencil. (LOL). All that fun ended this morning when I took Sarah to the airport. (Twice to the airport in one week, I think that's a record for me ;) I forgot to take pictures when Vernesa was here but I did manage to get this one picture of Sarah this morning.

I attempted to make a card last night. Actually I started on two last night and finished them this afternoon. I'm going to enter them into the smARTworks contest. I don't think I can show those if they are entries. And now I have an assignment to finish for Hero Arts that will be on the website in a couple of weeks, but I know I can't show that either. What I can show you is the dominoes I stamped a couple of years ago. Sarah found them when she was cleaning up... I mean organizing... um helping me organize. She thinks I should do something with them. After all she should know, she's been working on dominoes lately.
Sarah encouraged me to make pendants from them. I thought the only way to do it was by drilling a hole in them, but she gave me a different idea and I had another one a little while ago. So I think I will do something with them. I have a few more that she didn't find so maybe I'll make a few pendants to give as gifts or something?

How I did it...
I stamped the images from The Stamping Studio on a clean domino with StazOn ink and used Alcohol inks to color in the grapes and leaves. After that dried, I used Diamond Glaze or Dimensional Magic or Glossy Accents (whichever was closest at that moment) to seal the coloring and add dimension.
The backs and the sides were done with a gold and silver leafing pen. When I come up with a way to turn them into something, you'll be the first to know, OK?

Random updates and information:

  • At Michaels today, I was able to use a 50% off one item and a 40% off one item and a 20% off entire order on one purchase. It seems their new policy is that you can use one of each kind of coupon on each order. (Who knew?)
  • Jillana's paper received a "A". Way to go Jillana!
  • I'm still doing OK with the medicine. If everything looks good on my next blood draw, I'll go back in two weeks instead of weekly.
  • Gas is hard to find here in Atlanta. When you can find it, they are rationing it. I found some today, but I could only get $25.00. You have to decide if each trip is really important before leaving home. I think I'll stay in for about a week...making cards of course... till "they" get this gas thing worked out.

Ok, I headed back to work on my assignments and contest just a bit before crashing early tonight... very early. I've had a lot of excitement this week. Old people like me tire easily. Can I get a witness?

Be Blessed! Jacki

Edited to add about the gas. Here's an article from Fox news in Atlanta. Basically people started to panic after Ike. Once people heard that there was a shortage, they'd fill up or top off whenever they'd find gas. A lot of stations are running out of gas. One of the local stations out where I live was out of gas completely from Friday until today. Now that store has a $25 limit. I hear of long lines everywhere when they do have gas. Some people are panic buying? But you can't afford to let it get too low,because you might not be able to find it when you need it. The price right now is approx $4.19 for regular , $4.39 for the mid-grade and $4.59 for high grade. With gas and food prices sooo high, it's eating into my luxury(craft) budget in theory. No extras right now is what hubby tells me. I might actually have to use the stuff already in my house! (gasp)


Amy said...

glad you had some girl time! Why are they rationing gas in Atlanta???? Tell us more because gas is fine here, actually at an all time "low"....$3.39 per gallon!


seamom said...

You've got a witness. Old people like ME tire easily!! Just wait..
So far gas is OK here in sunny FL.

Joan B said...

Oops, Jackie, I don't think I got a card from you!!!! Sorry about the gas situation. I swear this country needs help!!! Ok, back to looking at your awesome creations.

Pattern Paper Addict said...

wow- love what you did with the dominoes! Too cute.