Saturday, September 27, 2008

Blooming with Joy

I miss it when I don't blog. I'm determined not to make blogging another chore in my life, so I don't blog when I don't have anything to share. In other words I don't create cards just for this blog with one or two exceptions. However, I really regret that I've been sporadic over the last few weeks because I really thrive on your contact and encouragement when you comment. So having said all that, it's good to be back today. I'm hoping to be more consistent in the next month.

Today, I'll to show you the cards that I originally created for the smARTworks contest. I mailed one of the cards --which I really hope it arrives in time-- but if not, it will be held over for the next quarter's contest. Here are the other two I made.

Finished card size 5 x 7
Stamps: all by smARTworks
Paper: All Stampin Up
Ink: Walnut Stain Distress Ink (Ranger), White Pigment Ink (SU)
Other: color pencils, embossing powder, ribbon, corner punch.

I rubbed purple dye ink over the embossed words to tone down the bright color and because the blues were a little off. I chose purple because I had already used purple to shade the vase on this image.

Finished card size 4.25 x 5.5
Stamps: all by smARTworks
Ink: Walnut Stain Distress Ink (Ranger), Fresco Davinci Violet (Stampa Rosa)
Other: color pencils, antique brads, corner punch.

On a personal Note: and an update on my health...
I met my new doctor on Friday. Her opinion about my treatment was very different from the doctor that moved to another practice. She talked to me about changing the medication to something that is less hard on my system and has a better success rate. Instead of a Chemo drug, this drug (CellCept) is used to suppress the immune system in organ transplant patients.
I take this twice a day instead of once a week. In addition to praying that this drug works quickly and without side effects, we need to pray that I remember to take my medicine without missing a dose. We need to pray that I stay diligent about keeping away from sick people since my immune system will be suppressed. This means we also need to pray that my kids stay healthy. I'm still trusting God for my healing, so I can only believe that all these changes are His doing.

So, other than that, the weekend has been very productive. I've got a lot of work to do for Hero Arts in the next day or so I'll be busy with that. I do have one more card to photograph and post. And I'm almost finished with my I is for ice cream/ice cards. If anybody is can play along, just let me know.
Have a blessed Sunday. Choosing Joy, Jacki


marciad said...

The cards are lovely. Good luck with the meds. You'll find a way to schedule them. Maybe one of those pill boxes that have space for everyday for a week. Then keep it where you will see it. You're in my prayers.

Jan W. said...

Hi Jacki, new meds certainly sound like you should try. Keep your pills in sight...write down when you take them, and keep out. I love these cards...Your purple always suits me! I will keep you in my prayers.
Jan W.

Cindy H. said...

Both of these cards are lovely!! Love how beautifully you color your cards!

I'll keep you in my thoughts that you stay healthy and remember to take your pills. Be well!