Friday, August 29, 2008

Aqua Owl

Good morning! Can you believe that it's Friday already???

While I was gone, Julie auditioned for and made the Show Choir at her school. I knew she would make it so I made this card for her last week. She loves aqua and recently told me that she likes owls... who knew?

This owl is fairly large so I made this card larger. It fits into a business size envelope.

Tips and Tutorials:
I got an email this morning from one of my friends who had been hanging around the Card Castle for a while. She was looking for the post where I posted my tip about a way to cut 12 x 12 papers to eliminate waste. When I'm using 12 x 12 paper in my card making, I cut it down to four 5 x 7 pieces first. Then I can trim it as needed. This way, I feel like I have less waste. The unused 5 x 7 pieces are easy to store. Here is the link to one of my earliest posts on this blog. It's also in the links column under tips and tutorials.
More from 12 x 12. FYI: I added the template to that post now.


marciad said...

The card is owful cute. Can't believe I said that, but I'm sticking with it:)

Michelle Adams said...

Great tip! And your card is so cute! I really enjoy your blog, Jacki!

Sharon said...

Very cool card! I also love your cupcake stack card. Great job!!
Take care!

Anonymous said...

there's a lot of stuff about jules that makes me constantly think, "who knew?" lol.

julie... as she would say, "what a card."