Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cupcake stack

Even with all that I have to catch up on, I started
on a card last night. I haven't finished it as of this moment but I probably will a little later today. But since the kitchen is on my agenda for today, I'll show you the other card I made when I was working on the Hero Club Blog's birthday assignment couple of weeks ago. The one that was ultimately chosen, was the one on Hero Arts' blog the other day. This is the first one I did. The angles are different. I deliberately went with a more drastic cut on the 16 candles card. She liked both of them, so I gave both of them to her.

Another difference in this one, is I didn't do any masking. The cherry is stamped on scrap paper from the front of the card and pieced. The candle is just cut out and glued on top.
Other than that, I used a bunch of punches and that's it.

FYI: Here are links to the supplies I used in the Hero Arts Online store.
ClearDesign: Cupcakes
DesignBlock Butterfly
Memories Ink Pad - ArtPrint Brown
Memories Ink Pad - White
Chocolate Note Cards
Strawberry NoteCards

I managed to stumble into a couple of Hobby Lobby stores up in Michigan and slightly took advantage of the 50% off sale on rubber stamps. I got a few sayings in the first store and bought Jannelle some scrapbook paper. She's decided that she wants to scrapbook.... Now explain to me why all summer when she was here next to a room that has more scrapbook paper than I'll use in my lifetime , did she not mention that bright idea to me? She only remembers when we are in a store where I have to pay money for scrapbook paper. ;) Really all she got was a few sheets of the clearance paper they had near the cashier.
OK back to my Hobby Lobby story. When I was in the first Hobby Lobby and realized that there was a 50% sale going on, my excitement quickly dissipated when I didn't see a couple of stamps I really wanted the last time I shopped Hobby Lobby in Georgia... when I was in a practical mood. But who need practical, when they are 50% off, right?? The stamps weren't there and I was determined to find them while they were on sale and I could get them without driving 30+ miles( that's how far away my closest store is from home). So I stopped at the larger Hobby Lobby on my way out of town and scored. Yippee!
Now that they summer is officially over and the college girls are gone, I can get on with my agenda. I really need to locate my list and get back to card sending. I'm way behind.


marciad said...

Lovely cards. Happy you had a good trip out and back.

nise said...

What a yummy cupcake card! I need to color some cupcakes for some up and coming birthdays and now I'm hungry, too. Good thing I baked brownines last night! Happy long weekend!