Saturday, June 21, 2008

Jacki = purple??

First of all, here's my latest purple card.
Stamps: Cupcakes ( Hero Arts) I think I'm going back in to add some glitter.

And now on to the reason for the title of this post.

Twice in one week this has happened to me.

I clicked on Allison's blog the other day only to find my name mentioned. She says she thought of me while she made a purple, black, and white card. I'm glad she went on to clarify that I love purple. We can assume then that she thought of me because of the purple and not the "Quick and Dirty" as the post is titled.
And Friday afternoon, I looked at the Cookie Jar in my Google Reader and I saw a beautiful card made by Dina. She called the post " a jacki card ;)".
I don't mind being associated with purple. Purple is such a happy color.
After showing the cards I received after my surgery the other day, Susan Kessleman, sent me an email because she noticed the disproportionate amount of purple cards displayed. She is also a purple lover and mentioned the Purple Profile T- shirt she has. She then found the words online for me to read. I feel even more pumped up after reading this. If I didn't like purple, reading this would have changed my mind. According to this, all the positive adjectives in the dictionary are associated with purple. All you who don't love purple, come on over to the purple side....
Here's the link to the Purple Profile online.

You are imaginative, sensitive, artistic and sophisticated.
You have noble ideas and a keen appreciation of the cultural.
You are alert, demanding, foresighted, confident, resourceful, spontaneous and highly independent.
You take delight in the beautiful, the gracious, the sensitive, but maintain an attitude of critical appraisal.
In love, you seek to attain a magical quality and refuse to settle for anything else.
You refuse to be "swept off your feet" unless genuineness and integrity can be absolutely ascertained.
You are active in the support of things you believe in and are concerned with the pursuit of truth and other human values.
You take chances and believe that you must do so to make the most of what life has to offer.
Purple is an exclusive color, mystical in quality, blending the two extremes of the spectrum, red and blue. Traditionally, purple represents splendor, dignity, royalty, rank and wealth.
Purple is a unique color and it is a truly unique individual who holds it dear

This is me all right-- ALL of it. (smile)
All this talk about purple reminding people of me reminds me that I never sent my sister a thank you card for the purple bag she sent me. (What a dunce!) She says she was walking through the store and the bag called her and said it needed to go to my home. ;) She'll be here next week, the least I can do is hand her a thank you card... I'll make a card for her tonight and show you the bag she bought for me when I post the card. If you've ever been to the Dallas, Texas area and shopped at Sam Moon, you'll know that the bag is fabulous. It looks like you can shop online these days.

Be Blessed and have fabulous weekend! Choosing Joy! Jacki
P.S. I think I'm going to participate in the Sketch Challenges from GinaK's release party last night. (challenge 1 and challenge 2) I love a lot of the recent designs she has. Asela is drawing for her now too! Several of the brand new sets are right up my alley. My budget would only allow me to have some of the sets I wanted, so maybe I can win another? Hope makes the world go 'round, doesn't it? Have you see her new stuff?
Ok, so my card making "to do" list grows... thank you card to sister for purple bag. Gina K Sketch challenges 1 and 2... I'd better get busy!


Dawn griffith said...

Thats me too GF
Purple ROCKS!!!!
Dawn Griffith

Sarosa said...

That is so funny, Jacki! I was purchasing some papers last night and saw some awesome purples and thought, I need to buy that so I can make a card for Jacki with it...


Allison said...

You are purple...great creation with the paisley BG!

Dee Jackson said...

love this card!! My oldest daughter loves purple. Hey I just saw that you were down here last week? I wish you would have emailed me or called. I'm so bummed we didn't get together. Please let me know through email or phone next time your in town.
Dee Jackson