Friday, June 20, 2008


Stamps: Inspiring Messages (Hero Arts), Bear ( Penny Black)
Time for confession:

1. I did it. I entered the Paper Crafts Gallery Idol contest. Here are the three cards I submitted.

Best Buds, True Friends, Hello Friend

2. I didn't walk because the sun was too hot already by the time I got back from taking the Other Boy to his day camp. Today is the last day of camp, so tomorrow I can get up and get started a little earlier. It's hard to make it work in the evening. It's going to be hard to start, but I need to get it going, I know I'll enjoy it as well as benefit from it.
I don't know if I mentioned this, but it's not just the summer heat that I'm trying to avoid because of obvious reasons. Because of the skin condition I have I am really supposed to totally avoid the sun.
Technically I shouldn't ever go out without a hat and sunscreen, so I have to be careful when planning this walking thing.
I may default to using my Walk Away the Pounds tape as an alternative. -- at least I won't have to worry about the sun.

It's Friday! What happened to this week? I'm excited that Julie is coming home today. She's been away at youth camp this week. Next week The Boy is going to basketball camp. Why do we look forward to summer? Remind me again?? Rest?? Sun?? Fun??? June is almost over and I've been busier this month than I have been in a long time! School starts early in August. I can't wait! Ok, Just kidding about that. It's a different kind of busy. We still have two family reunions to go to after all the camps are over. Soon after that the school year starts again and this fall is going to usher in a new phase for us. The Boy is going to try out for a middle school sport, so that will be a daily commitment to transport him from practices and/or go to his games for months... This phase of course will hopefully continue all the way thru college. Up until this point, he's been playing in church leagues and community leagues which are a lot less intense and shorter seasons.

It's been nice chatting today, but I need to get going for the day...
Be blessed! Choosing Joy, Jacki


Dot said...

Summer is for the kids and fun! Their fun that is! The school year starts soon enough again! Then I figure I'll rest, at least while their in school!

Have a wonderful day!

Sharon in NE said...

I was wondering if you walked. Glad you're improving and what a blessing to have a happy healthy family that are busy! Me too.

seamom said...

Oh Jacki! All 3 of those cards are unique and beautiful! I'm in your corner!
As to the daily walking, may you do better with that committment than I have. I used to walk 2-3 miles EVERY day that it didn't rain, for years. Now I can't get myself to walk anywhere except with DH through those WalMart super stores. And I'm not even sre why I quit!

loni.sue said...

OK. On the walking. I can relate totally. Except for the skin condition. Right on about the hard part being getting started. Even once give you a little momentum. Aftr being stuck indoors during a long winter (even the sidewalks were not available because the snowplow-thrown snow made the little frozen mountain ridges) I'm back to it and loving it. Feel sooo much more energetic. Caveat: I don't have kids at home anymore. You'll figure it out. Lots of sunscreen and a big hat will help. xox

Staci M. said...

Best of luck on your contest!! Your entries are all great! I am with you on the "still busy, even though it is summer!" No lazy days here - at least not yet!

sandie994 said...

Jacki, love all of your cards, beautiful as always. I remember the Mom's taxi days well. Mine are all grown up with kids of their own. It is nice to be able to plan a meal and not have to run someone somewhere, but there are times that I miss those days. Enjoy them while you can. sandie994