Saturday, May 31, 2008

And now HE knows...

Remember this post? Like mother like son.

I made the best french toast ever on Thursday night. My son (the other boy) wanted to have one of the left overs for lunch on Friday after his successful awards program. In a hurry, he hit too many zeros and cooked it for 3 minutes instead of 30 seconds.
His sister's question was, "If you only meant to cook it for 30 seconds, why did you leave the room?"
They opened all the window and brought in a fan to clear the smoke.
He was left with this focilized piece of bread. He had yogurt for lunch.

I'm going to make the best french toast ever for breakfast this morning. I think he learned his lesson too... now HE knows that you don't cook french toast for 3 minutes, that you don't leave the room while cooking, and to pay attention to how many zeros you punch into the microwave!


Juliana said...

aw man--what a let down after a good evening.

Well, that has happened, here, too.

Sharon in NE said...

snicker snicker...Grandpa and now his sister are right. But who am I to talk. I've burned plenty of toast, and burner covers, and is dangerous (I tell my husband). In fact, I've set my hair on fire twice. I am (was) a good cook, but too easily distracted.
Love the post!

Julie Koerber said...

LOL! YES... I do remember that other post. Didn't know that kind of thing was genetic!! Seriously funny stuff. Isn't life grand when burnt french toast can make you giggle and nearly set off a smoke alarm! :-) Hope all is well with you!

Staci M. said...

yeah, I did that with popcorn the other day. Went down to the basement to get more napkins and "forgot" about watching the popcorn. It was smoking something fierce when I took it out and I had to throw the whole pack out onto the lawn to cool down. Can happen to the best of us!