Friday, May 30, 2008

Wishing You the Best!

I was so excited when I mailed my other niece's birthday card early. But that euphoria hasn't repeated itself a couple of weeks later. This card is for another niece. Her birthday was a week ago. Technically this doesn't say Happy Birthday --yet. If I don't write Happy Birthday, it's technically not late, right?? I could wish her a Happy Wednesday or Happy June, right??

Stamps: Dotted Daisy Cake* and Small Daisy Trio ( Impression Obsession/ Alesa Baker Design) Polka Dot Basics (Paper Trey Ink)
Wishing You (Stampin Up)


Guess who received an award yesterday? This award is given for no absences, no tardies, and all A's in a report period! Way to go dude...
Today is the last day of school. Didn't school just start???? It's hard to believe that we've been here for almost a year. In about 6 weeks, it will be one year since we left Michigan and moved into this house. Wow, time flies when you're making cards!
And with that said, I'm headed over to the school for the end of the year festivities. Have a blessed day!
Choosing Joy! Jacki Jones


Staci M. said...

Congrats on the award! Cool job!
I'm feeling the same about school...only 4 1/2 days left...I'd better get some stuff done before they are HOME with me!!

Cindy H. said...

Beautiful card, Jacki!! Make it a birthday card. An extended birthday is especially fun for young people :)

Congratulations, Mitchell!!! You did it! Way to go!!! One question - is that smile for your accomplishment, or because it's the last day of school, or maybe both, lol??!! It's a great smile!!

seamom said...

Congratulations, Mitchell!

jacki jones said...

Mitchell says, "The smile is because my Mom made me smile".

marciad said...

Congratulations, young man. That is an awesome accomplishment. Well done, too, Mom.

Sharon in NE said...

Nice work, Mitchell.
(You too, mom)

Julie Koerber said...

Congrats Mitchell!!! And, Jacki, nice new look! I noticed it the other day on my lappy but for some reason, my computer was acting up and wouldn't let me leave a comment!! I like the white background - very fresh!! Hope all is well! :-)

Dawn Bibbs said...

YAY Mitchell!!!