Saturday, May 31, 2008

Is life a Picnic?

One day earlier this month, as if I had nothing better to do, I went on Ebay and typed Hero Arts in the search box. Oh my... There were stamps among the ones I had to have that I'd never seen before. There were also some I remember but had never bought. Thank goodness, I didn't win any of the auctions. This particular image only cost me $2.00 ( I think) and that was the 'buy it now' price. OK it's purple, but isn't this a sweet summery note card?

It's Saturday and my friends are coming today so, I probably won't be back until maybe Monday afternoon.
I've got to squeeze in a couple of assignments for Hero Arts that you'll be seeing over the next few days...

Before I go I have a question. Why is it that my test shot is clear, and the ones when the principal is actually handing my son his award are blurred?

He got to wear his favorite clothes for the last day of school, no questions asked...
This awards program was for achievement for the whole school year. He received a citizenship award (which apparently most kids get) and a certificate and medal for being on A-B honor roll. He had one B in the first marking period and for the rest of the year he's been making all A's.
This school has an award called the Principal's award. This is the award I showed you yesterday. He actually received it for the last marking period. The actual award for those same achievements during the whole school year is a huge trophy cup. This kid saw that trophy and decided to set his sights on it for next year. The requirements are no absences, no tardies,no unexcused early check outs, good behavior, and all A's-- for the whole school year!!! We need to pray for great health for next year. I'm proud of him for setting that goal.
The other two had great years also, but they won't let me take pictures of them. All around we had 5 successful stories this year. We used to have this tradition to celebrate a great school year by going to Chuck E Cheeses on the last night of school, but for some reason, they aren't as excited about it as they were in years past. (smile) I guess taking all those High school and college classes makes one feel too mature for Chuck E?? My high schooler said that it's just not the same when you go to school with the guy in the suit. Time marches on, but it leaves me a little nostalgic for the days when they were little. Thank goodness my youngest still tolerates me following him around and taking pictures. I'm enjoying it now, because I know that this too will soon end.
Have a blessed weekend! Jacki


2stampis2b said...

Congratulations on your son's achievements! It's funny, my preschooler just graduated and we went to: Chuck E. Cheese yesterday right after his last day of school! More for his birthday next week since his cousins won't be here for it, but that's a good idea to make it a tradition to go on the last day of school!

Cindy H. said...

*Is life a Picnic?* It is if you receive this card!!! Jacki, it's gorgeous!!

As for taking blurred pictures, you were probably just excited to get the picture and too much adrenalin was flowing causing you to move a bit. Your pictures are usually right on the mark, so that has to be it!