Thursday, December 6, 2007

My Date Book

I should have finished my sewing today, but that was frustrating. I think I'm going to resort to hand stitching and hot glue. The fleece is too thick to do the gathering I need to do. I have a new computerized machine and I keep getting error messages. I wasn't in the mood today to deal with error messages. I'll try again in the morning after a good night sleep. I think I'll take the manual to bed with me... It's not an expensive machine, just different from the $40 bare bones machine I've used and disassembled and reassembled for years. Once I get it figured out, I think this machine is going to be a big help to me in my creative endeavors.

In the meantime, I worked on my Date book. I can handle stamps and ink. After several tries I settled on a design for my monthly dividers. Simple and elegant, but very practical. I print the calendar in Outlook. Hey, if you need to print a calendar and that window pops up about making Outlook your default email. Tell it "no" and uncheck the box so that it won't ask you again. For my monthly dividers, I set it to print the calendar on a half sheet. I also print lines on the other side of the sheet so that when I fold the cardstock in half I'll have a page for notes on the other side. If I glue the bottom shut, each monthy divider becomes a pocket folder. I don't know if that makes sense so I'll add more pictures tomorrow in the daylight.

I'm still loving that MM trimmer. I was able to easily cut 5 or 6 sheets of filler pages at once!
These pages (above)are idea blocks. I got that idea to add pages like this just this morning from a link on Becky's Blog. Creating Keepsakes has calendar downloads. I couldn't use any of them, but I took the sketch file idea and made my own. I usually carry a sketch book so that I can sketch out my card ideas. This way, I don't have to carry an extra book next year! I printed two pages per sheet and cut them in half.

I'll probably stamp that swirl design on the lined pages too. I also printed double-spaced lined pages. If you can use PNG files, and would like these files emailed to you, just let me know.

As you can see I still have visitors, although they are fewer in number. I noticed her in the view finder crawing across the trunk while I was trying to photograph my pages. How rude!

We are almost finished with the Christmas cards... still right on schedule. I'm excited! Because, if I get them mailed this month, I'll be doing better that I have in the past. I usually end up sending a Happy New Year letter at the end of January!

The pink ones I showed in this post are going in the trash, unless somebody wants them.


KayellWY said...

I love your planner and the flourish stamping and special tabs to "make it yours." Thank you so much for sharing!


Sharon in NE said...

Yes, you added your special touch to "make it yours", but I'm stealing it all to make it mine. :D Love your ideas and anything to make my calendar look better, always helps!