Thursday, November 8, 2007

Change is good...

Random updates and happenings...

  • The cable company still doesn't want my business (sigh). I'm not much of a TV watcher anyway, but there are certain members of my family that are grieving. I have an antenna so I get basic news and a few of my favorite shows-- a little fuzzy, but I can see them. Customer service is a big deal to me. One of the reasons, I haven't launched my stamp line is that I don't have time to devote to customer service and/or filling orders. It's a BIG deal. Last week, my order from Dick Blick came sooner than I expected. Yesterday, I received my second order of smARTworks stamps in the mail. Once again, the order was right, well packaged, and prompt-- not to mention great stamps and the free stamps she always includes. There are several companies that I regularly purchase from because I know I can trust them. I started thinking about that today, I made some changes to my blog (that's how the title of this post fits in. -wink). Instead of just listing my favorite businesses among my interesting links, I created a new link list just for the businesses I have positive experience with. I'll be adding to it over the next few days. You may also notice that I added a picture my kiddos. :)... Christmas card. lol

  • I realized that I can print my outlook calender so that it will fit in my favorite day timer binder. I was out shopping for 2008 calendar and besides being pricey, there is always more stuff in them than I actually use. Besides, I love Outlook. I fiddled around with it and couldn't figure out how to print anything other than full size sheets. One night I asked my husband (who was the one who suggested I start using Outlook a year or so ago) and of course he knew! I figured that all I would have to purchase was monthly tabs, right? After going to the third office supply in two days, and not finding what I wanted, once again the electricity kicked in on my brain and I realized that I could make monthly tabs with Outlook, colored card stock, and the Tab Punch from Stampin Up. DUH! The only problem with that is finding the time to make them. But once again I'm excited. You do realize that it doesn't take a lot to excite me, right.

  • I noticed today, that I am getting close to 300 posts! Wow. I don't know why that is amazing to me. I had as many on my 360 before I switched over to blogger. Actually with Thanksgiving coming, I've been blogging for 2 years. I want to think of a creative way to celebrate those milestones. I do have some things I can give away as blog candy. I stumbled upon a bunch of Martha Stewart on clearance at Michaels. I found packs of cards and envelopes regularly priced at $ 7.99 for $1.00. They begged to come home with me, but when I got home all the other cards and envelopes protested because of the over crowding so they can't all stay. I figured I would give some of them away along with some other goodies I have stashed. But I'm not finished with my busy day so I'll think about that tomorrow. I also bought a clear stamp from Target today. I've resisted up until now, but this one was intriguing. --another clearance find, marked down from 1.99. The acrylic blocks that they sell with the dollar stamps are very thin in my opinion for stamping, but perfect for making pins.

I was talking to my friend from MI today, and during that update, I realized all at once that I've had many answered prayers.

  1. Each of the kids had a concern in the past few months that have all been resolved, or are in the process of being resolved.
  2. I am actually teaching classes at Michaels and I think I have a following already. She is a very nice lady! lol

  3. I got the preliminary test results to my heart tests yesterday. I spoke to a nurse. My doctor who has been out of town will evaluate the tests results and then we will discuss whether or not treatment is necessary. I'm having Premature Ventricular Contractions (PVC) Non-life threatening, but annoying. They can be aggravated by sugar, caffeine and stress. --Let's see, I have had stress in the last few months. The sugar and caffeine can be explained by the Raspberry and Peach Sweet Tea from Sonic. They just don't make sweet tea up north like they do here. I think I almost overdosed on it the first few weeks or so after we got here. I have cut down on sugar and chocolate and totally cut out caffeine a few weeks ago, but I'm still having the episodes. But I see it as a plus that at least, I'm not crazy (or having serious heart problems)and they were able to "see" what my heart is doing.

  4. Here is a bonus! I have son who challenges me all the time. ~ Mom, do you know the square root of 23, 085? ~Uh No! ~ 151.93748. So there you have it, I learn something new everyday!

  5. I met my new friend today. We had a great lunch at Atlanta Bread. We met at Hobby Lobby and shopped together. I'm looking forward to getting some scrapping done soon, if they let me crash the weekly group meetings. Dawn is another answer to prayer. I have a lot of scrapping/stamping fanatic friends online (and you know who you are), but since Staci and Karen left me in Augusta in 2001, I haven't lived near a friend who shared my level of craftiness. This is not a particularly flattering photo of her, because I just pulled out my camera and said "say cheese", but she is a beautiful lady, inside and out!
It's Chick-fil-a night so I'm headed out to buy dinner. Then I get to go to middle school for a math class. It seems that they are teaching something new in advanced math that they want to parents to understand. I don't think by brain goes there anymore. The most advanced I get these days is paying bills and balancing the checkbook!

If you're still here, check out Trish's post today I want to be like the coffee bean!
I'll be back tomorrow with the color pencil thing.


Dawn Bibbs said...

Ok, not only do you like to make me look bad by REMOTELY opening the sliding doors of your van...but you post my HUGE photo on your blog. You just can't be trusted...LOL :-).

I TOTALLY enjoyed meeting you today, shopping and having lunch. Again, I apologize for talking so much. I'm becoming convinced that it's a nervous thing. So the good news is, this too shall pass :-). Not to mention, there's probably nothing left for me to tell you about myself and/or my family :-).

Hopefully, we've started something and a new frienship is about to blossom. You too are a beautiful lady and I look forward to getting to know you better...and maybe making some cards :-).

marciad said...

So happy that the heart thing isn't serious or threatening. Praying for you. Wish I could figure out how to make a calendar for my day runner. With all that's going on here, I completely forgot to get the 2008 refill. Sure hope Staples still has one left by the time I get there. Something to do next week after the doc appt.

Nise on GW said...

You Go, Girl! So glad to read things are coming together for you and your family in your new home.
Hope you have a stress-free weekend.

ScrappinMyRoots said...

Hi Jacki! So nice to meet another scrapper from Atlanta. Thanks for stopping by and saying Hi! You should come over to Roots Scrapbooking message board and say hello to the ladies over there too. There is another lady from ATL there too.

Dawn is the sweetiest! We have hung out a few times to. However, I live in Jonesboro and can't make that long drive to Powders Springs for the Wednesday night crop.

I look forward to getting to know you better.