Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mothers and More

The name of the group was Mothers and More. It's a national networking organization for all moms. Most of the moms are stay at home moms who have transitioned out of the work force. One thing that was appealing is that they have activities with the kids as well as without the kids. Both are necessary! The ladies I met last night were very warm and welcoming (as I expected them to be) Most, if not all, have relocated here from somewhere else.

I did a Show and Tell type presentation of gift ideas and then we stamped gift tags at the end. I confessed to them that I've been called many things in my life but this was the first time I've ever been referred to as the "speaker".
It was fun. If you have preschoolers especially and are looking to connect with other moms in your area, check out the website and see if there is a chapter near you.

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