Wednesday, October 10, 2007

More BD RAKs

This card was sent to me by Dina. Purple and a teddy bear... I think she knows me or something. (Bear by Impressions of Faith)

I also received a card and gift from Isabelle very soon after my Birthday. I lost it :( -- the card that is... I know where the gift is ;). I think I've finally figured out where it might be. I remember opening the mail in the car line. I probably stuck it in whichever magazine came that day for protection as I carried the mail into the house. I do remember getting a couple of magazines that day. So now I have to look thru all the magazine that could have come in the last month.

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dini said...

I laughed when I saw that circle imprint on the card - to cancel the postage at the post office here they use a hammer style stamp, and they really swing that thing - I think it gives them a sense of power... ;) Glad it made it to you though!