Tuesday, April 17, 2007

How do you spell headache?

I didn't make a card today(gasp). I was too busy getting a migraine headache from Sears. Their customer service stinks. They would rather lose a customer, than admit there is a flaw in their system. Oh well. I'll spend my money elsewhere.... In the meantime I lost a couple precious hours today dealing with them. So, I'm going to get back to work creating 200 programs. I will show you the programs I am making for my sister's 50th birthday celebration along with her birthday card tomorrow, I hope.

ETA: I don't know where I got 200 from. I only need 100! Yikes, It's a good thing I checked!

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Trish D said...

I hear you on this one!! We made the mistake of opening a credit account with them several years ago to take advantage of a special promotion, but we had nothing but problems with them. Not to mention being inundated with calls from their network. Needless to say, we cancelled everything and no longer shop there.