Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The RubberStamper-- March / April 2007

Tile Adoption Card

Today's mail brought a copy of the latest RubberStamper! And guess who had a card in it? OK, it was me! This issues is about Stamping for Special Situations.
For those of you who've been checking my Joyful Heart Art blog, you know I don't always get very excited about my published efforts. It really depends on how much I liked the card in the first place. I like this one.
The background: I really had fun with this background. I make the "tiles" with Bazzill Monochromatic cardstock. Here's how I do it. I cut 1 " squares with my paper trimmer. I run the folded card thru a Xyron 510 to make the card front sticky. Then I "lay the tiles" . This particular tile pattern was inspired by the background on one of the Mario Party Game Cube games. My son was a little annoyed with me as we played the game because I made him pause the screen so that I could sketch out the pattern. This particlar card is 4 x 6 ish so it takes 24 "tiles". The pattern requires 6 light tiles, 12 medium tiles, and 6 dark tiles. I used a Bazzill Trio pack because the colors were already chosen for me.
The Giraffe and Baby: is a Eureka Stamp. (giraffes are my favorite animal and this one is sooo cute) I colored them with Prismacolor pencils. Then using a 2 in 1 glue pen, I went over the blanket area and the heart shaped spot on the giraffe's backside. It takes a couple minutes to dry, going from blue when it's wet to clear when it's dry. I applied Abalone Pearl rub on foil to the now tacky areas. It's really cool looking in person.
The last element of this card is the vellum tag. This was the first time I remember actually using the Tag Maker. The adoption saying is from Hambo Stamps. *Hambo actually has a couple adoption related stamps. The tag maker tags comes with a trace and cut out template for each shape. (I wish they would make a punch to fit their shapes or make tag to fit standard size punches, but nobody asked me). Before I inserted the vellum and smooshed(technical term) the tag closed, I colored spots on the aluminum tag with gold and copper leafing pens.

Here is another baby card done with that sweet giraffe. I actually colored this one at the same time as the other one. This one features Stampin Up printed papers. The B/Baby tag is Stampin Up.

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