Saturday, February 17, 2007

Suddenly, I am feeling justified....

because of my obsession with-- I mean collection of cardmaking supplies.
My husband bought me a beautiful card for Valentine's Day. It featured textured cardstock, foiled images and lettering on the front and a printed rice paper type lining. Beautiful! He didn't notice the price, he just bought a card he liked for me. But, you won't believe how much he paid for it. Believe it or not, I don't usually turn the card over to see how much it cost, and I didn't this time either. I just happened to pick up the receipt today (three days later) and saw "card" on the same line as $6.99. I immediately thought it was a mistake. I figured maybe the skew number was incorrectly keyed into the computer. WRONG! The card indeed was $6.99.
That's got me to thinking, since I have at least "hundreds" (shhh) of dollars worth of cardmaking stuff around here, no one in my family should ever have to buy a card-- ever! For the most part, they don't. I always make whatever card they need or they get one ouf of my stash. When it comes to needing a card for me, they usually like to go and pick them out. After all they can't ask me to make or help them to make my own card. We will have to have some cardmaking classes around here so that they( including my husband) can take advantage of all the goodies in my "laboratory".
While I am thinking, I need to make up a bunch of really nice Mother's Day and Valentine's Day cards for sale and get in on the action! I can't believe how much they jack up the prices for those holidays. I haven't frequented a card shop for years, and I do understand inflation, but do you think that is a bit much-- and it's not even handmade.

Cardmakers don't you feel justified in spending $7.00 (or more) on a stamp you can use over and over again! Ok, I'm getting down from my soap box now. I think I might go make a card.

By the way, now that we know how much he paid for that card, my husband thinks it needs to be in a frame and/or preserved!

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Tah Dah! said...

I'm right there with you! My hubby recently bought me a beautiful birthday card, and I nearly passed out when I happened to see the price. Yikes! The cute thing in my case is that my hubby actually told me part of the reason he bought it because of the cool vellum sleeve, and he thought I could use it as a template. Wow, I guess he does pay attention!

I'm thinking back to when I first discovered stamping, and I came home with a few stamps and 3 ink pads, and exclaimed how I'd be saving us money on cards. Don't know if that's exactly true (OK, I know it's not!) but I've discovered a wonderful outlet for my creativity, which is certainly way more fun than wandering the aisles as Hallmark