Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My "process". My Cardmaking Process-Part 1

My daughter has to write a "process analysis" for a class. Although she rejected my suggestion to write about card making, I decided to do just that. I am going to take you to a happy joyful place-- a place where there are no dirty dishes or dirty laundry or dirty floors (you get the picture?)-- my creative mind.
I usually don't decide to make cards, it is always in the my mind. Sometimes the process begins with a need for a card. Sometimes inspiration comes to me visually-- an ad or a color scheme. I have been known to dream a color scheme or a card. Periodically, I'll organize my stash, and become inspired my the need to use up some of this "junk" I have. More often for me, the process will begin with a stamp image as inspiration.

This particular journey to a completed card begins with both an image and a need for a card. I am making a card to commemorate my husband's first day on his new job. This image reminds me of him. When he's in the mood, he will cook on the grill -- rain or shine. I'll have to dig up the pictures I took of him standing over the grill with an umbrella.

When I get a new stamp, I stamp it several times on a sheet of white cardstock with Brilliance Graphite Black ink. The images are Hambo Stamps.

Generally every night, I wind down from my day with my clipboard and Prismacolor pencils. I like to get to know the image by coloring it several times to get a feel for it. While I was coloring the images for this card I played with other images too.
Time's up for now. Just like in my real life, I have to do things in bits and pieces as time allows.
My next installment will be about the card base.

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