Friday, November 5, 2010

Thirty Days of Thankfulness: Day 5 ~ D is for Sisters!

"Family... a group experience of love and support.” Marianne Williamson

Ok, before you decide that I need a remedial course in the alphabet, let me explain. All their names start with "D" (My mom's name starts with a D also but she gets her own post later in the alphabet). There are 5 of us. I have 4 sisters no brothers. And then there was me, right smack in the middle-- two older sisters and two younger sisters. For a long time I considered being the only J a curse... I could have come to that conclusion when they frequently called me odd-ball and other names like that. ;)  I felt alone in the world (tear). But at some point in my senior year in High School, I decided that it meant *I* was the SPECIAL one. LOL! That made a big difference for me.  See it's all about perspective.
Seriously, I love all my sisters and I'm proud to be a part of this special sorority. Thanks to my mom's direction, we are 5 proud and beautiful people,  mothers (a couple grandmothers), daughters, granddaughters, cousins, and friends.

me, Darlene, Neicy(Denise)

Dannette, Tracy and Gary(neighbors), Diane, me, Neicy(Denise),Darlene

Diane with nieces, nephews, and grandson

me and Neicy(Denise)

Neicy(Denise) and Dannette


Amy said...

Hi Miss Jackie! I love your 30 Days of Thankfulness posts! Have you read the book "The Noticer"? It's by Andy Andrews and it's a fabulous read. It's fiction, and about a guy who has the gift of perspective, being able to see people's situations differently than they do. It's a quick read, but one you will love!!!! Hugs!

Jacki Marie said...

Thanks Amy! I'll look for that book.

seamom said...

Ah, Family! Another wonderful post. Four sisters: Dannette, Dianne, Darlene and Neicy(?) My guess is that she is either a neice, not a sister, or preferred to be called by a nickname.
My siblings want to pull together a family reunion next summer in RI where we were born and grew up. The last was in 1987, so it's time! My kids are anxious to renew their friendships with cousins they met way back then.

Jacki Marie said...

Neicy = Denise. I changed the captions on the pictures. She actually doesn't go by Neicy anymore except in our family. All her friends call her Denise. The RI reunion sounds like fun and time for it.
We normally participate in the larger family gatherings, but we are wanting to do one too.. just the mom and daughters and immediate families.Next year for us is going to be a little busy. We have a wedding reception, a HS graduation two college graduations, and Grandma's 100th birthday. We will probably do ours the following year.