Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thirty Days of Thankfulness: Day 4 ~ Creativity

The Stamping Station
God blessed me with an artistic ability. He also blessed with me the inclination and the space in which to be creative. It's a dream come true for me. As a matter of fact, I debated whether or not to make this my C for Card Castle or D for Dream Room on my alphabetical 30 days of thanks...  As you can see, C won. I have something else for D. But I digress. You probably don't need to know too much about how my mind works. Back to C is for Creativity...
The Stamping Station
Just before we moved this summer, I (and Gina and Dawn) spent quite a bit of time purging and reorganizing my creative space that is fondly referred to as The Card Castle. I didn't take a picture of the full sized table that used to hold all the paper, but with the paper moved, I definitely had more space to work and color. BUT I'm going to have to start all over again next month when I set up my new room in our new house. 
The Bridge above The Stamping Station
Yes, we found a house. We are still hoping and praying the house in GA sells sooner than later. Add that to your prayer list, ok? Anyway, I can't wait to tell you about the new room. It's a bonus room and fairly large.  I'm actually going to be able to combine my computer/office/study area with The Card Castle and I'm going to do more purging. My life is changing with me being a college student, and hopefully soon  gainfully employed I won't have as much time to create.  It will truly be my downtime when I get to make cards. Look out for another sale after Christmas. I want to show you the pictures, but I'll wait until I get my stuff in instead of showing you the current owners stuff.

The iHome for my music and die cutters and other tools. 

Speaking of creating... My resume is done, and I'm hoping it will help me find a job where I can creatively earn some money. :)  Wouldn't it be awesome to find a job making cards, or updating a blog or Facebook? LOL! Be blessed! 
Stamps and Paper
Stamps and Paper

P.S. Here is a link to the before pictures of my ever evolving room. You can see how I got rid of a lot of junk if you compare photos.

Oh, and I forgot to make a point... you can be creative anywhere, but I found having a space designated as my craft space (even when it was just a small desk) was the key to actually making time to craft, especially when my kids were younger and I was busy. 


Kalyber said...

what a wonderful space.

campbelljudy1228 said...

You have a wonderful new space, for right now. I can't wait to see your new one, once you move into your new house! I will be watching out for your new sale,after Christmas. I really enjoyed the box of stamps, I purchased from you. Have a Bless week!

Jacki Marie said...

Judy that space is what I left behind... but after I cleaned or purged. I was rather pleasant to work in after I got rid of a lot of junk. I'll let you know. Thanks for buying the box from me. I will definitely have more. :)