Friday, November 19, 2010

Thirty Days of Thankfulness: Day 20 ~ Rest

Rest... my goal for right now. Maybe not so much physical as emotional and spiritual.
One of the ways I'm going to achieve that is to step away from this blog for awhile.

I find it amazing that at the point I'm making this decision I am at R in my thankfulness alphabet, but things happen for a reason...  don't you believe that?

So. I'm going to take a rest from doing so much online and focus on some things in my life that need my undivided attention.
I didn't want to leave you hanging and wondering...  I'll see you back in January 2011.
wish I was here... LOL!


seamom said...

Yikes! What will I do without you?
(kidding) Rest and enjoy your hiatus...

Sasha Holloway said...

I did that Jackie and it will be so refreshing when you come back . I want to come over and thank you for your words they mean A LOT. Hugs and love see you in 2011

Lisa Carroll said...

just letting you know that you are missed. :) hope you had a wonderful TG and that your christmas is nothing less.

i have taken "un-plugged" hiatuses before, and they do work wonders. it is amazing how bogged down we become letting all of the little distractions of daily life consume us. so much stuff that we THINK is important, really isn't.

anyway, thinking about you and saying a prayer... hope everything's alright. hugs.

Lisa Page said...

You are missed. But I am glad you are getting your rest. :)

I miss you on Facebook also. :(


Staci said...

Well, I'm behind on my blog reading in a huge way, so I just got here to catch up with you and find you are taking a break. Good for you - and I really hope that it is GOOD for you. Good luck with your exams. Wow, going back to college is a lot of work, I bet. I am going to be taking some classes over the next few years to get an insurance designation which they say is like a bachelor's degree in insurance pretty much. Should keep me busy(er).
Hugs to you and love to your whole family! (This is Staci, btw)