Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nintendo DS Card

 Making this card really made me miss my stuff. I didn't realize how easy basic tools like corner rounders and circle punches make my crafting time. Maybe not as much easier as it provides a cleaner more professional look. Oh and paper. I don't have much paper here so when I thought I might re-do this card, I couldn't! (sigh) It really will be like Christmas, because it will be Christmas (We are moving the week before) when I get my room unpacked and I CAN'T WAIT!
I didn't think I would say this, but I didn't realize when I left my stuff to be packed up for storage that it would be this long until I saw it again. I MISS MY STUFF! I keep getting ideas that I can't do anything about.  My idea sketch book will be full, believe me!

I noticed that I forgot to round the edges on the bottom flap before this picture was taken, but I fixed it before I mailed the card.

The black paper inside is black board contact paper. You can actually write on it with chalk! For the birthday message, I'd use something more permanent like a metallic marker on one surface and allow the child to use chalk to change the "screen" on the other half.
So cardstock, black contact paper, and a white gel pen (thanks Velda)... and that was it. Fun Fun...
Be blessed... I have to finish a little homework and come up with my Thankful post for F for tomorrow...

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