Sunday, October 24, 2010

*Somebody* needs to update this blog.

We haven't talked since World Card Making Day... and wow, so much has happened.

Let's get started with the important news that I know you are dying to hear...

  • We are still in a townhouse, still looking for a job, still in school or back in school. I haven't taken too much card making time, but I have done a little coloring. Amazingly enough, I've been sending cards. As a matter of fact, there are several cards sitting right here waiting for the mailman to come in and get them.  He didn't get the memo last week... LOL 
  • We found a house! We found a house that we all could agree upon, most importantly. We are still in the same school district but not the same neighborhood. I'll show you a picture or two of the space that is going to be The Card Castle later this week
  • Our house has not sold in GA, so be prayin' that the perfect family is coming soon to see it and purchase it SOON! :) Did I say soon, already? 
In the way of updates, I don't have much else.  The job search and now the classes are keeping me busy.

I did realize that I haven't shown you this card. I made this for my son who turned 15 in September.  I made it but he sketched the design for me. He thought the ones I was working on were inappropriate for his manliness. :) Hey, he's an artist so he should have some say, don't you think? 

Unfortunately that's all the time I have to chat today. I still have some reading to do for my classes. By the way, because I know someone is going to ask...
I'm taking Intro to Business and Technology. Very basic, but updated version of the Intro to Business I took a "couple" of years ago. And I'm also taking Computer Applications for Business. This was a prerequisite for the other computer classes I want to take. Again basic stuff.  I'm hoping the classes this session aren't too difficult, and I don't think they are. They will keep me busy nevertheless. 

So that's all for now. Leave me a comment and let me know you're still out there. Thanks for your patience. 

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Velda said...

Congratulations on finding a house! Looking forward to seeing photos.