Monday, August 30, 2010

The Card Castle Clean-out Sale

UPDATE: All the boxes are sold and shipped! Thanks so much to all who participated. 

I finally took a minute to take pictures and tape up the boxes.  Remember when I started this project a couple of weeks ago.  My dear friend Gina packed the boxes for me as she pried my wonderful (unused) goodies out of my hands.  I really needed to purge because my space was no longer a place I could feel comfortable and create. tooo much clutter. --tooo, tooo much stuff.  I got rid of a lot. And it feels like it to me. Some of those who came in the room expecting it to be empty after seeing the piles of boxes outside the door were disappointed. My daughter Julie said, "Mom, when you have a lot lot, and you get rid of a lot, you still have a lot." That seriously cracked me up! :) I had the stuff packed in. Have you ever seen me pack the trunk of the car with all the stuff seven people can and want to carry? or load the dishwasher after a big dinner?  It's a gift I have. :) A gift and a curse.  If I have space to put it away, whether or not I will ever use it again, I'll just put it away.
  Unfortunately, I don't use the stuff I don't see.  And then it was organized, except I got to a point where all the stuff that didn't fit in its designated space.  That stuff was on the floor or sitting on another surface. That's when I knew it had to be done. As hard as it is to let go of stuff you've spent hard earned money on, it had to be done.
But thanks to Gina (and a little help from Jillana and Emmaleigh on the sorting side, and MJ on the taping and mailing side.) I did it.
It's done. The boxes are being taped as I type.

If you like grab bags, this is for you. You have to be an adventurous bargain hunter.  I promise you at this price, there is no way you will be disappointed, but if you are, send me an email. I let Gina pack the boxes and she tried to evenly distribute each box with all styles of stamps.  Some of the boxes have complete sets of stamps. I know for sure that two of them have those big 30 piece stamp sets from CTMH/DOTS. Most of the "stamps only" boxes even have an alphabet set. 
They are going to sold as is. I know me, I couldn't go back and look through them or I'd start getting ideas and these boxes would not ever be mailed. The "card making misc" boxes have a variety of envelopes, papers, punches, ribbons, embossing powers, paints, chalks, ink, buttons, decorative edge scissors, and most have stamps too--- you name it is in these boxes.

I'm asking $25.00 per box. This includes the 
Medium Flat Rate Box U.S. Priority Mail Postage of $10.70... since they are already boxed up, I guess that means I can only ship to U.S. addresses. 

I'm sorry, because I waited until the last week I'm here I can only take Paypal payments. If I receive your payment before 3 pm on any day between now and Friday, I will ship out that day. After 3 pm, it goes out the next day.  After Friday at 3pm, I won't be selling anymore until after I've moved in to my new house... whenever that will be. 
P.S. If you're local and you can pick it up, deduct the shipping charge. :) 
I numbered the boxes so if you have a favorite number, you can specify and I will oblige you on a first come first served basis. Specify whether you want STAMPS only (1 to 10) or CardMaking Supplies (1 to 13).

Don't leave your order as a comment here.  Email me first at first before sending payment so that I can confirm availability. If you have any questions be sure to ask. Just don't tell Gina, that I'm selling them so cheap.

I'll post again later with a card and the latest news... TTYL Choosing Joy! Jacki.


Gina! said...

$25!!!! What??? There is probably $75 or more worth of stuff in there....okay I won't tell Gina.
Love ya~

Sarosa said...

Wow, Jacki! You did it! I'm impressed!

Jacki Marie said...

Ha, Gina... you would know. Sold three already! :) Three down and 20 to go before Friday.
Thanks Sarah!

Basement Stamper said...

wow girl, you have been so bsy!!!