Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another Special Birthday Card...

Today's card is from the same coloring session and has a similar story. Card made early and still wasn't sent on time. This time I used the Birthday background stamp but it's very subtle... meaning you can hardly see it because the flower covers most of it and the ink I chose was very close to the cantaloupe card stock. Since it's late and the birthday message is subtle, I think I'll play up the friendship and not the birthday so much with this card. Sound like a clever plan?  I like using the acetate cards but I don't use them often so this one falls in the special category... not to mention, the recipient is pretty special too...  :) 

Thanks for all the comments yesterday, it's good to know I'm not talking to myself!! LOL!

This roller coaster ride of a move has spun me for a loop again... Almost everything I said yesterday-- scratch it. The packing, the moving... ain't happening. At least not when I was planned.  It will eventually. The townhouse fell through.  The people who were moving out had to change their date which means we had to change our dates, right? We will be there in time for school start, I just have a little more time to get there. The first couple of weeks I'll be in a hotel or something still to be determined. (I still have a smile, even if it's a fake one.) 

Right after I finished writing my blog post, my plan to pack were circumvented. The Dad told me we needed to drop off his car at the car dealership... in a town that is 35-45 minutes away. I was agitated at first because I had serious plans to pack, remember? Wait, let me show you his car... 
Don't you hate it when even the auto repair guys are amazed. This is one of those "that shouldn't have happened" kind of accidents.  A rock fell off a truck and struck the sun roof. --Since it shouldn't have happened, I think the manufacturer should replace that thing for free, don't you?-- It wasn't too long after we returned, and I was still trying to get myself back in packing mode, that we found out about the rental. So it was the delay that saved me.  
So, as you know, even if it's just through reading this blog, relocating is like riding a roller coaster. There are highs and lows, and sometimes the drop between the two makes your heart race. --- or send you spiraling into a depression... but we aren't going to let that happen, right?

Since I have another week now, I'm headed back to hopefully purge a little more of the junk in the basement so that I don't have to do it on the other end.  I think I have some of my people inspired finally.  
I hope your day is blessed, because I'm determined to be on the look out for all my blessings... Choosing JOY! Jacki 
Read more of my thoughts about this relocation today on from a joyful heart... New Day New Attitude.


linda patti said...

your card is gorgeous! good luck with the move, hopefully the rollercoaster ride will be over soon!

seamom said...

I love how you color images. The flower looks like it was moments ago growing in your garden!
Praying for you through all this...