Tuesday, July 20, 2010

With Sympathy (more)

While adding more sympathy cards to my stash, I decided to make a Thank You card too, using the same design and image-- but this time it begged to be colored.  I haven't been doing much coloring lately as you can imagine with school and moving projects.  I think I need to.

Quick question? If my need to color exceeds my time to make cards, what should I do with all the extra images?

Card One: With Sympathy, Trees(Stampin' Up)
Paper(Basic Grey)

Card Two: Thank You
Trees(Stampin' Up), Background lines (TAC), Thank you (Hero Arts)


dini said...

I have a little file box of colored images and half-finished cards - they do come in handy for all-of-a-sudden cards, or days when you have card-making time and don't feel like coloring. BTW, my box is nothing special...it's made out of two smallish cereal boxes and covered with wrapping paper, and is actually totally overflowing at the moment...!

I've wondered too about selling colored images for someone else to use on a card or scrapbook page or in a frame...but that's as far as I've gone with it. Not sure if there is interest.

seamom said...

Dini suggested selling them. I, hoping to be on the receiving end, am suggesting that you randomly draw the # or by name of one who posts to a specific blog posting!
I love your coloring, so would most likely be willing to pay..

Jacki Marie said...

Mary, giving them away to someone like you sounds like a winner. I have a drawer full... I gave lots of stuff away before, I guess I need to do that again. :)
Dina, just a thought... I have a whole collection of mini picture frames too. I could frame some of them to sell or give away when I don't have time to make a card.

Sarosa said...

In trying to get ready for college myself, franticly working day and night, I've been so grateful for the half-done images I have to work into cards. So, you might want to do half and half; sell some after weeding out those you might find handy to grab when you don't have time to make an entire card from scratch.