Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day...

I had a card I could've given to the kids to give their dad, but inspired by Christopher, my 5 year old friend, I created this one really quickly using an image from Darcie's and a message from GinaK. While I'm on the subject, I remembered that I never showed you the card The Boy made for me for Mother's Day. "The Boy" by the way seems inadequate a name anymore.  It's more like "The Tall One", or "The Man." At 5'9" or maybe 5'10" by now, he hardly looks like a boy anymore.  I know I talk about that a lot, because it seems like every time he goes to sleep, he wakes up a little taller. :) 
Anyway, he made this card for me.  He is very artistic.  One of these days I'll scan some of the sketches and drawings he does and show you just how artistic he is. 
The sun washed out the details in this picture, but he used a textured card stock and stamped the greeting in white ink.  He couldn't find a stamp that he wanted to use for the inside so he used parts of three different stamps.  "We" came from a "Welcome" and the "You" came from "Thinking of You." I was impressed. 

For Father's Day, our dear friends the Hyde family -- most of them anyway (we miss you Beth) -- came here to spend the day with us.  Michael wanted to "light up the grill".  I wish I could say that I thought of cooking steaks for the dads, but that was an afterthought.  --Or more of an unexpected opportunity.  After he cooked the burgers and dogs that I planned for our simple dinner, he decided the grill was just the perfect temperature for steak.  He and Tony stopped what they were doing and went to the store. It was so impressive that I had to snap a picture. :) 

Tony is Amanda's husband. I got a call from Amanda on Friday that she was going to be in town on Sunday with no specific plans-- so of course that meant that they needed to come here. We had a delightful time with them and the Hydes.
Tony let me "see" his superbowl ring.  I don't know anything about football, but that ring was impressive.  My first thought after holding it was, "I need to take a picture of this!"  The last few pictures are of the kids goofing off with the web cam. Be blessed.  I'm going to be working on a card order over the next few weeks so I'll have lots of cards to show you. Until then... Be blessed!

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seamom said...

I just love those times when a visit turns into an eveny - seemlessly. Loved your photos!