Friday, April 23, 2010

More Copic Coloring

The two cards I'm showing today feature images I also colored while I was playing with the Copics on Monday-- one during class and one after class when Colleen so  graciously let me borrow her markers to color in my hotel room.  There are a few things I would fix now that I'm looking at it blown up on the screen, but I don't own those colors, so I'll just know and do better next time.  It's all about practicing and experimenting.
My blending still needs work, but it'll come.  The thing you need to notice about these cards is the airbrushing in the background. I told myself that I didn't or wouldn't want that... until I used it... Sigh.
Don't worry, I can wait.  I won't spend my grocery money. LOL!!!

I hope your weekend is blessed!


Swr4him said...

What is the name of your image. I love flowers. You are doing a great job. Thanks for sharing

Jacki Marie said...

I'm sorry, I borrowed this stamp from someone at the class and I forgot to write down the name and maker. ;s Thanks for the the compliment. :)